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Roland KRIEGEL TrendDECODER – Lifetime license > > > > > > > > > 🥇 N°1 Best-Reviewed

L'indicateur parfait. D'une lecture visuelle impressionnante au premier coup d'œil. Utilisation très facile, tout comme l'installation et la prise en main. Une bonne lecture du mode d'emploi s'impose 5 ETOILES sans problème.

Pierre LAUVIN ATx Trading pack

Hello I use the ATX pack since 3 weeks now and am fully satisfied - good support from the ATX Team for installation and follow up - on the whole, trades made every day (not systematically on each bot) - one drawdown in tyhe first 2 days which has been fully recovered since yet. ATX update the bot. - I also had the chance to use EURUSD in 3 min short version which also gives good results I think the Telegram post is a good idea and enables us to check very quickly if for any reason the bot on the real account does not follow the result of the Telegram file

CryptomanMP Trade MANAGER Swing – ProRealTime

This is a just a very important tool for me and proves these guys are traders to propose it; I have lost so much by being impulsive in my trading; now I just stick to the plan and let the machine execute it; if you are serious about trading and understand that trading is about money management and letting emotinos out, I can only recommend this stuff.

davidemtb1 Graphic patterns indicator

Sono entusiasta di condividere la mia esperienza con questi indicatori. Personalmente, li ho trovati assolutamente perfetti. Grazie ai giusti settaggi, Robotrade ei Pattern grafici mi hanno offerto spunti eccezionali per un trading più efficace. È davvero sorprendente quanto possa migliorare le mie strategie di trading. Devo anche sottolineare l'ottima assistenza tecnica che ho ricevuto. Non mi aspettavo un supporto così eccezionale, ma Alessandro si è dimostrato il jolly perfetto. La sua disponibilità e la sua super competenza sono state veramente impressionanti. Non solo ha risposto prontamente a tutte le mie domande, ma mi ha fornito anche suggerimenti preziosi per sfruttare al massimo questi indicatori. Desidero congratularmi con l'intero team per l'eccellente lavoro svolto di ricerca. È evidente che abbiano dedicato un'attenzione meticolosa nello sviluppo di questi indicatori, garantendo risultati di altissima qualità. Sono rimasto colpito dalla loro professionalità e dedizione.

Andreas Kuhn Tsunami Pro Trader™ ENTRADAS

Incredibly good trading software! A new way of trading, without stress, without open positions. The software not only shows possible entries and exits, but also shows the areas where the market is at the moment. Swing, trend, strong or weak. Also for experienced traders a super tool, because the risk can be better limited and provides a super odds. In addition, trading is very relaxed because no trades are held for a long time. Really stress-free. No other indicators are needed! In addition, the package also provides a strategy that works perfectly if you stick to it. A really good investment that pays off every time. For me, this software has changed everything for the better. Thank you for a new and constantly successful tool!!!

Charles assous PRT Renko

I discovered the PRT Renko indicator, and at first sight, after a little adjustment on its interface according to the UT you choose to trade, I find it very interesting. I use it with another indicator from the Prorealcode site _ All-in-one divergence engine filter on the RSI. The resitances and supports of the Renko PRT aided by the RSI make it possible to take good positions. Also take into account Dow channels and Chartist figures. Alessandro is a very customer-oriented salesman, thank you Alessandro.

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