From the innovative minds at FXAutomate and our partners, comes our most ambitious venture into the realm of financial market strategies yet. With the culmination of more than a decade of experience in trading and developing hundreds of strategies we are pleased to introduce 4 different “Price Action Trend Following” strategies as our most exciting product yet. Originally developed back in 2020 as a groundbreaking approach to assist professional fund managers with timing the markets, this strategy has now been refined and released to the PRC Marketplace in February 2024.

The 4 strategies are for 3 different markets, all on the 15-minute timeframe. Below are the backtests of all strategies and the markets they should run on:


The Price Action Trend Following Strategy (PATFS) is a masterclass in the art of trend following, tailored to cut through the complexity of financial markets with its straightforward, clear-cut approach. At its core, PATFS is designed to empower traders by focusing on the inherent power of price action and the proven principles of trend following, without the need for overly complicated indicators or speculative forecasting.

Simplicity and Precision: The Hallmarks of PATFS
Unlike traditional strategies that may rely on dense analytical models, PATFS stands out by championing a minimalist approach that leverages clear trading edges and a keen observation of price movements. This strategy is built on the foundation that success in trading does not require a labyrinth of calculations but rather a disciplined adherence to a few well-defined principles.

Key Features and Benefits of PATFS
Stringent Risk Management: PATFS introduces an optimal risk-reward mechanism that meticulously calibrates stop losses, ensuring that traders can navigate the markets with confidence, knowing that their exposure is judiciously managed.

Time Zone Independence: The strategy’s flexibility across various time zones makes it universally applicable, allowing traders from around the globe to utilize it according to their specific market sessions without any constraints.
Avoidance of Overfitting: With a strong emphasis on adaptability, PATFS is designed to thrive across different market conditions without the risk of overfitting to historical data, ensuring its longevity and relevance.
Developer’s Expertise: Behind PATFS is Juan Jacobs, a seasoned developer with a rich background in both the technical and practical aspects of trading. Transitioning from a successful career in systems analysis to full-time trading, Juan has leveraged his expertise to craft a strategy that’s both logical and effective, embodying his years of experience and methodological approach to trading.

Launching into a Diverse Market
The Price Action Trend Following Strategy is not just a tool but a comprehensive trading philosophy that encourages traders to embrace the trend, manage risks smartly, and achieve consistent results. It’s suitable for traders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans, and is adaptable to any market or timeframe, underscoring its versatility and potential for customization.
In celebration of its launch, FXAutomate is offering all 4 strategies, at a competitive price point of €990, making it accessible to a broad audience keen on harnessing the power of price action and trend following principles. With the potential for significant discounts on volume purchases, it’s an opportune moment for trading enthusiasts and professionals alike to explore what PATFS has to offer.

As we look forward to the success stories this strategy will undoubtedly create, we invite traders to join us in this journey of discovery and achievement. For more details on the Price Action Trend Following Strategy and to take advantage of its introductory offers, visit the FXAutomate product page today.