How are the open positions of a strategy managed after the expiration of a subscription?

In the case of a subscription to a trading system, the strategy will be automatically stopped when the right to use it expires.

*If positions are still open, their closing will be conditioned by the option to keep them or not when the system is stopped (as for all ProOrder strategies).
This optional choice is managed in the platform, via the settings menu (Settings / Trading / Automatic Trading).
Of course, positions keep their attached stoploss and takeprofit after a strategy is stopped.

(*IG account only, for IB accounts this option is not available and positions will be closed automatically on expiry).

I can’t install my product: invalid license key

There are several possible reasons for this:

  • You try to install the same license several times on the same platform or on another platform.
    However, licenses are single-use and can only be installed once.
    In the case of a change of broker, you can however request a license transfer, please use the contact form on the site for this purpose.
  • The license number you typed in the dedicated field of the platform contains errors, be careful not to confuse the O (letter) and the 0 (digit), but
    also the I (capital letter i) and l (lowercase letter l). There can’t be space either.
    To avoid any copying error, we suggest that you copy/paste the license in the dedicated field.

How do I stop / change a subscription I have taken out?

You can deactivate your subscription at any time in your subscription management page: Subscription

How do I pay for products with subscriptions?

Products with a subscription are paid for by means of a due date debit on the payment card used when the subscription was taken out.

What is ProRealCode marketplace and how does it work?

Our site is designed to connect users of the ProRealTime platform with suppliers (vendors) of tools for the platform.

The products listed on the PRCM website are developed by individual or professional traders of all nationalities.
You will find in the different sellers’ stores different categories of products such as indicators, automatic trading strategies, trading training, etc.

PRCM provides technical services, such as hosting, payment solution, sales management and customer relationship management tools, as well as product licensing for vendors.

PRCM is an extension of the community site dedicated to programming with ProRealTime:

On which software can I use the products of the marketplace?

The products available in the marketplace are for the sole use of ProRealTime software.

If you are not yet using the platform, to open a trading account (real, demo or trial version), you can go to this address:

How to install a product in my ProRealTime platform?

Installing a product into your platform is easy. Once you have purchased a product, a unique license key is generated and delivered into your account page (My Products Licenses tab).

Just follow these 5 easy steps to know how to install a product: How to install my product in ProRealTime?

An installation license is unique and cannot be installed multiple times on several different accounts. Be careful on the choice of the platform on which you will install your license, this one cannot be moved.

Are the products available on the marketplace secure?

All products that are installed remotely through our licensing service are ultra-secure. This is the one and only way to get perfect security when installing a product for the ProRealTime trading platform. All data is encrypted by latest generation encryption algorithms and no malicious code can be incorporated into the files available for sale on the marketplace.

Are there free trial periods for the products?

Yes, it is possible that sellers offer trial periods for their products. They are free to offer them or not.
You can freely receive a trial license key by clicking on the “Free demo” button present in each of the product page that offers it, you will then receive a license key that will expire after the trial period scheduled by the seller.

How can I contact directly a vendor?

Sellers can be questioned via the “Products Enquiry” tab in the page of each of their products.

You can also contact directly and privately a vendor by using the contact form on his store page.

In the case of questions following a purchase, it is necessary to use the support interface available on the page of each seller (store).

I purchased product(s) but I haven’t received anything?

There are several possibilities depending on the type of product you purchased:

  1. In the case of a product with a license (strategy, indicator or screener), you will find the product license in the list of your licenses on this page: My Products Licenses. Follow the installation procedure in order to benefit from your purchased product: How to install my product in ProRealTime?
  2. In case of a downloable product, find your available files on this page: Downloads
  3. In any other case, it depends of how the vendor will deliver his product / service. When the payment has been successful, a notification is issued to the author of the purchased product. It is then up to the seller to deliver the products or services via his own way.

Although we encourage sellers to respond very quickly to a sale, there may be late delivery due to holidays or no work, or time zone differences between sellers and buyers.
In case of long delay, buyers can open a support ticket on the sellers page by clicking on the “get support” button.

What are the payment methods available?

All payments on the website are made through credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). Payments are handle with the Stripe Connect services.

How to buy a product from the marketPlace?

To purchase product(s) from the website. In each individual product page you want to purchase, choose the desired quantity and click on “Add to cart”.

Once all the product(s) to be purchased are in your cart,  you can go to checkout in order to make the payment.