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jimmy__91__ SQUARED2 NDX CLOSE – 5M

After three months of consistent profits on the demo account, I transitioned to live trading and had a highly successful couple of weeks! I am thrilled and eager to try more products from this developer.

Guido Brasletti ExtraTrend, the essential technical indicator for trading areas of strength

2022, c'est l'indicateur qu'il faut détenir afin d'optimiser ses performances. D'un seul coup d'oeil, on visualise la tendance (cette fameuse zone de force), et je mets indiscutablement les probabilités de mon côté! Chacun pourra y développer sa propre stratégie en fonction de son profil d'investisseur avec les différentes résistances dynamiques. Je n'ai pas longtemps hésité, et suis convaincu qu'il est indispensable pour devenir rentable.


Excellent System....with great support from the vendor! Highly recommended!

jamshidsalimi48 SwingTrading Pro

I have bought this indicator and I am very satisfied with it and I recommend all traders to get this indicator. In my opinion, the producer is a great scientist.

Julian Bergman BladeSCALPER – Lifetime license

I have used this product for couple of months now and I find it very helpful.

javierzamoragarrido New2023_IPA_RSI_NASDAQ_10 minutes

A week ago I bought the license for this Nasdaq system, I put it into real operation and it complies with the statistics published by Jose Moya. I also purchased other systems from José and they work very well. Very happy with the monthly money paid, I don't see it as expensive for the results it gives. He is also very attentive to any questions I have and resolves them quickly.

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Price Action Trend Following Strategies

From the innovative minds at FXAutomate and our partners, comes our most ambitious venture into the realm of financial market strategies yet. With the culmination of more than a decade of experience in trading and developing hundreds of strategies we are pleased to introduce 4 different “Price Action Trend Following” strategies as our most exciting […]

Thu Feb 22

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  • 452
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Maximize Your Profit Potential with Divergence Trading

Divergence trading is a popular strategy among technical traders, as it allows them to identify potential reversals in a financial instrument’s price.

Fri Dec 16

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  • 1750
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Linear Reversion Trading - a combination of both mean reversion and linear regression

From the same developer who brought you the High Probability Reversal Strat one of the very first and most popular automated strategies of the ProRealCode marketplace launched back in May 2021, FXAutomate is pleased to announce their latest product called Linear Reversion Trader (see below)

Thu Dec 1

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  • 2049
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