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  • Real-Time Detection on multi- oscillators: The “All in One Divergence” spots divergences as they occur, ensuring users never miss a trading opportunity.
  • Advanced Customization: With a variety of adjustable parameters, users can tailor the indicator to fit their unique trading requirements.
  • Universal Compatibility: Effective across all ProRealTime platform markets and time frames, making it adaptable for every trader.
  • The divergences can be found on these 12 oscillators available:
    • RSI = Relative Strength index oscillator
    • MACD histo = Moving Average Convergence Divergence oscillator
    • CCI = Commodity Channel index oscillator
    • STO = Stochastic oscillator
    • SMI = Stochastic Momentum index oscillator
    • ADX = Average directional oscillator index
    • MOM = Momentum oscillator
    • MFI = Money Flow Index oscillator
    • OsMA = Moving Average oscillator
    • TRIX = Triple Exponential Average oscillator
    • ROC= Rate of Change oscillator
  • Detect divergences in real time on all indicators simultaneously
  • SCREENER offer for free once you have bought this product.


This product works in any Futures, Forex or Stock/ETF Markets

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The “All-in-One Divergences Engine Indicator” revolutionizes how traders approach the market by automating the identification of divergences across an extensive range of oscillators.

This powerful tool is designed to enhance decision-making and improve trading outcomes by providing a clearer understanding of market movements.


  • Identifies divergences in real-time for immediate action
  • Supports a wide array of oscillators including RSI, MACD histo, CCI, STO, SMI, ADX, MOM, MFI, OsMA, TRIX, ROC, and the Ultimate Oscillator.
  • Scanner multi – oscillator to detect divergence  in all oscillator directly on  price chart.



  • Modify detection settings to align with individual trading strategies.
  • Select from 12 different oscillators for targeted analysis.
  • Adjust the size and parameters of each oscillator for a bespoke trading experience.


  • Real-Time Operation: Ensures you are always ahead of the market with up-to-the-minute data.
  • Flexibility: Equally effective on various asset classes including Futures, Forex, Stocks/ETFs.
  • Efficiency: Frees up time by automating the detection of divergences, thus streamlining the analytical process.


  • ProScreener : This indicator is supplied with its screener
  • Alarm: Receive a real-time notification of the divergence signalby PopUp and voice.
  • Signal: Use signal in other application of ProRealTIme







best divergence indicator for ProRealTime


Intuitive and simple interface for setup and customization. (Full description in attached manual)

The manual with all the necessary information to use the indicator to its fullest is available at the following link:https://market.prorealcode.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/AIO-indicator-MANUAL-22012024-EN.pdf
Conclusions and Advantages:
Embrace the cutting-edge capabilities of the “All-in-One Divergences Engine Indicator” to navigate the markets with greater accuracy and efficiency. Discover the power of automated divergence detection and seize trading opportunities with confidence.

19 reviews for All-in-One Divergences Indicator: RSI,STOCHASTIC,MACD, …

  1. davide

    Sono molto soddisfatto dell’uso del vostro screener di trading che ha migliorato notevolmente il mio trading quotidiano grazie alla sua precisione e interfaccia intuitiva. Apprezzo in particolare le funzionalità personalizzabili che si adattano bene al mio stile di trading. Un plauso speciale va al supporto clienti, in particolare ad Alessandro, per la sua disponibilità e competenza. Grazie per questo strumento eccezionale.

  2. Yaseen Abbas (verified owner)

    Very good and accurate indicator recommend to anyone this is worth it

  3. lundbergselection (verified owner)

    The “All-in-One Divergences Indicator V11” offers impressive detection of divergences across multiple oscillators. Its standout feature is signaling when a security is overbought or oversold. With customization options and high-probability setups, it’s a valuable tool for ProRealTime users. Highly recommended!

  4. franco.martini (verified owner)

    I find the indicator fantastic, if well set it is very helpful. Alessandro is very helpful and courteous.

  5. MAU973 (verified owner)

    very good indicator !

  6. fredrik.dahlander (verified owner)

    Really accurate with divergences, helps alot.

  7. Norbert Schinkitz (verified owner)

    The best on the market for trading divergences. Also otherwise AutomaticTrading is my favorite trader, always helpful and gives very quick answers to any question. Just worth the money !!!!

  8. English

    Demand (verified owner)


    An excellent indicator that makes it much easier to decide whether to enter or exit a trade. The seller is also very quick to answer questions.

  9. English

    Roland KRIEGEL (verified owner)


    Excellent, comprehensive indicator. No more head-scratching to find bullish or bearish divergences, the indicator does it for us, and what’s more on a dozen configurable oscillators. And in real time. Bravo for the coding work.

  10. English

    Charles assous (verified owner)


    Very good indicator, I’m happy with my purchase, before using it fully, understand it well and use it simultaneously on several time units, test the settings,

  11. English

    morelloluca76 (verified owner)


    Excellent indicator, side by side with the trading robot is spectacular, fully satisfied. Spectacular 👍🤑🤑🤑

  12. has2011 (verified owner)

    One of the Best Indicator out there very neat and tidy and very powerful, i started to see profits immediately and consistency is coming!!

  13. t766766 (verified owner)

    fantastic very strong tool, now I can see divergences in all time frame in a click of a mouse, very responsive and helpful vendor

  14. marco_nesler (verified owner)

    I agree with previous reviewers, this is a simple, yet powerful divergence indicator. However, signals do not come up very often, and alarm function is cumbersome if you want to monitor a large number of stocks etc. So in order to save time, and make this an even better application, a screener is overdue. I inquired about this issue and was told that Proscreener is not ready yet for PRTv11 language. A screener will become available in due time though, which is indeed a great prospect.

  15. erskyn_joosten (verified owner)

    best indicator I’ve tried, a bit skeptical at first because I’ve never had success with indicators, but this one was a success from day 1 and I earned my money back immediately on the first day

  16. akashkoya (verified owner)

    This is an excellent indicator, no problems at all.
    The vendor has been exetremely helpful and has even added ROC at my request.
    Well worth the money, i would give it a perfect rating.

  17. rostagno.alberto (verified owner)

    I have downloaded this indicator 30 mins ago, i had a misunderstanding “problem” and i wrote to the customer support: GREAT speed in the reply and in solving my “problem”.

  18. chriskelley123 (verified owner)

    Excellent, used in conjunction with Graphics pattern scanner & free associated indicator from same vendor. Made cost back quickly. Customer support excellent and rapid. Will buy from again.

  19. Francisco Gale (verified owner)

    Much better indicator for divergences than all the other ones I tried for PRT before… great looking, a lot of options, the best for me.

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