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Identify at a glance the areas of strength, those with a real statistical advantage. Leave aside deep consolidations & bearish movements. Instantly assess the level of dynamic resistance that can trigger rise and volatility.

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What is ExtraTrend used for?

  1. Only invest where and when something really happens
  2. Identify at a glance the areas of strength, those with a real statistical advantage
  3. Leave aside deep consolidations & bearish movements
  4. Instantly assess the level of dynamic resistance that can trigger rise and volatility
  5. Identify short-term resistance to spot early signals


Presentation of the ExtraTrend Indicator

A presentation of the indicator, the origin of its design, its functionalities, etc. (activate autogenerated subtitles on Youtube)


What Professionals & Amateurs say

Discover the impressions of reputable professionals, as well as amateurs, on this indicator:


ExtraTrend is a complete tool, at ease in all situations: Amateur Trader, Confirmed Trader, All types of trading (Day Trading, Swing Trading, Trend Following, Long Term Investment), All types of markets (Stock Exchange, Big Caps, Small Caps, Indices, ETFs, Commodities, Cryptos, and this, as well in Europe, United States, Japan, China, France, etc.), All timeframes (From the chart on 1 min timeframe to the chart on 1 month timeframe, you benefit from an indicator that highlights the areas of strength regardless of the timeframe used.)


Benefit from all the next updates!


Note: ExtraTrend is used exclusively on the Prorealtime platform, whether on the Prorealtime.com site (on this site, the platform is free for end-of-day data) or via a broker that offers the Prorealtime platform. For those who wish to use ExtraTrend on 2 different accounts or 2 brokers, you can benefit from a 2nd license at -20%.

34 reviews for ExtraTrend, the essential technical indicator for trading areas of strength

  1. laurence boiron (verified owner)

    je voulais remercie le créateur de cet indicateur
    il est vraiment exceptionnel et j imagine le temps de travail qui faut pour obtenir un résultat pareil
    je vais le conseiller a tous mes amis trader que je connais même sur new York et Singapour
    bravo pour ce travail

  2. denis27071975 (verified owner)

    Tres bon indicateur qui permet vraiment de filtrer. Il évite d entrer sur de faux signaux. Deja rentabilisé.

  3. magicone (verified owner)

    Indicateur utile mais support aux utilisateurs faible.

  4. English

    Olivier Boucher (verified owner)


    Great tool for getting the best out of stocks. If we could change the color codes, we’d be on top of things. Thanks to Christophe’s responsiveness and commercial sense ++for answering e-mails+++.

  5. English

    JEAN-PAUL MONIER (verified owner)


    very good indicator which gives a good vision of the market and allows not to rush for fear of not being able to return and to take a door of slaloom Small reproach the line of the short resistance and the dynamic resistance are not made for the partially sighted a small help would be welcome

  6. Guillaume Archetti (verified owner)

    A very good indicator, clear, easy to use and extremely versatile. Its real strength is the amount of information you can see at a glance, which saves considerable time. The short-term resistance and dynamic resistance options are very effective. I’m very happy with this investment.

  7. domenico bruno (verified owner)

    I would like to have an indication where to find the screeners that would complement the product that I think is good

  8. amiensr (verified owner)

    Very good indicator that I use with pleasure every day: gives very good signals and is very readable. Thanks

  9. English

    Axel LUX (verified owner)


    Thanks for combining ExtraTrend with Metascore, I use them together on all my charts, so I don’t have to rush around waiting for good signals.

  10. English

    pedro ALVES (verified owner)


    super indicator a must have! Bravo to the developer, he’s a genius!

  11. English

    David HEUZE (verified owner)


    @TrendFrance has hit the nail on the head with this comprehensive indicator! It allows you to enter stocks in the best possible way and, if the market decides otherwise, to exit with a very small loss! It’s the indicator I use most with moving averages, well ahead of Ichimoku! I wholeheartedly recommend it: my purchase was reimbursed in just 2 trades… Only one regret: I should have bought it much sooner! If I had to keep just one indicator, it would be this one!

  12. English

    jean-pierre Luciani (verified owner)


    Allows you to enter a stock at the right time, and only at the right time.

  13. English

    CHRISTOPHE CAMPET (verified owner)


    A superb, easy-to-read tool that lets you manage your positions effectively. Congratulations again, Christophe, for your indicators and for sharing.

  14. English

    jean pascal pinciaux (verified owner)


    It had to be invented! Thank you Christophe jean pascal princiaux

  15. English

    bellebou.llc (verified owner)


    1)only gives an upward signal, too bad. 2)impossible to change color code so with specific frames not really top. Too bad… And irrelevant, 15 days from now I’d have paid €50 less out of €180 ….?

  16. English

    Philippe Mangin (verified owner)


    I’ve just bought it. But I follow Christophe every day on tweeter with his furies. It’s a great tool. Question. How do I change the color intensity on PRT for Dynamic Resistance and Short Term?

  17. English

    PenserArnaud (verified owner)


    A very good indicator, it’s easy to use, efficient and visual. It can also be used to program systems. It can of course be used for swing trading, but also for shorter UTs. It can also be used to make short decisions outside PEA. Its creator Christophe has posted screeners on the extratrend site and there’s a dedicated thread on prorealcode. Well done Christophe!

  18. dumas.fabcat (verified owner)

    Excellent decision-making indicator Thanks Christophe!

  19. English

    fabrice.jacob (verified owner)


    The extraordinary ExtraTrend is top extra!

  20. English

    Demand (verified owner)


    Very useful, saves a lot of time by simplifying visual graphics.

  21. English

    sa.ribollet (verified owner)


    A must-have indicator, it’s easy to see things at a glance, and with free screeners easy to find, it’s top-notch. Allows you to put the odds on your side. If you have several brokers, you’ll need to buy another license at a discount (send an e-mail to the seller).

  22. English

    Guido Brasletti (verified owner)


    2022 is the indicator you need in order to optimize your performance. At a glance, you can see the trend (that famous zone of strength), and I’ve got the odds firmly in my favor! You’ll be able to develop your own strategy, based on your investor profile and the different dynamic resistances. I didn’t hesitate for long, and I’m convinced that it’s essential if you want to become profitable.

  23. English

    jdtrade (verified owner)


    Really good!

  24. English

    brandon (verified owner)


    A very good indicator, we quickly understand what’s happening on the graph, now we just have to work on the entry points. 🔥🙂

  25. sanadebasis (verified owner)

    Excellent indicator…….Very happy…..

  26. pascale.alber (verified owner)

    Très bon l’indicateur que j’utilise avec plaisir tous les jours : donne de très bons signaux et est très lisible.

  27. dan_matthews (verified owner)

    C’est Magnifique!

    Apologies for the poor French, but this indicator really is excellent. simple to use and very powerful. so much so, I will be getting another for my other account!


  28. Goldeneggs (verified owner)

    The indicator is just great! With the screeners available on ProRealCode, I’ve been able to add them to those I use and I’m going to save precious time during my daily routines. Thank you so much, Mr Christophe from TrendFrance, for sharing your trading experience with us by proposing such a tool! There’s no doubt that this indicator will be a big hit, as it richly deserves to be! Well done and thanks again 👍 Small request for future updates: make the dynamic resistance variable available to refine screeners in ProRealTime.

  29. frederic-allemand (verified owner)

    Indicator purchased this morning… a marvel! Great for decision support

  30. Christian Hue (verified owner)

    Simple, clear. Ultra-fast visual filtering of “candidates”. All that’s left to do is apply your personal strategy. All that’s missing are a few screeners and then …

  31. ScalperJoe (verified owner)

    Excellent work

  32. Gilles Goblet (verified owner)

    Super indicator! My way of trading (swing and intraday) was already different since the introduction of PRTBands, but now it’s reached new heights in terms of decision support. I have no doubt that improvements will be made over time. Thanks for a job well done, and I hope the screeners arrive soon.

  33. Gavrik (verified owner)

    I’ve just installed it, I was already very satisfied with the old one and I like this one already. I’m going to work out a strategy, but I think I’m already going to use it to sort out my actions // potential.

  34. Gil (verified owner)

    Simple, effective and highly visual, Extratrend is an indispensable buying/selling aid. The only regret is the absence of screeners with the product purchase. Maybe soon?

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