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Would you like to earn passive income and / or diversify your investments, without it being time-consuming, without psychological pressure, and even without knowledge of the stock market or programming ?

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Trading bot escoDAX©
Are you tired of receiving ridiculous interest or losing money on the stock market?

Do you want to obtain comfortable passive income and/or diversify your investments, without it being time-consuming, without psychological pressure, and even without knowledge of the stock market or programming?

Our trading robot is an ideal solution!

Actual performance of our algorithm | REAL Trading |
Capital: €5’000, since 22.08.2022, risk of 1.5% per trade |
With reinvestment of profits (IG Bank statements) :


Features of our latest version, v5.14

Strategy: trend following.
Tactics: let the gains run, quickly cut the losses.
Opening a trade: at the start of new momentum, during trading hours.
Market: The DAX 40.
Minimum capital required: €700.
Candles: 15 minutes.
Type of trading: day trading, according to the hours below:
Long: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Short: 8:00 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.
Closing of a position: the robot examines every second, if one of the 3 cases below is reached:
Take Profit: +1.6%.
Stop Loss: -0.4%.
Break Even: +0.4% => 0.0% (at break even).
Note: The TP and SL (or the BE) are not always affected, because the trade is closed at the end of the day.
Leverage: 3.75 for a risk of 1.5% (leverage of 2.5, for a risk of 1% and 5, for a risk of 2%).


Trend following strategy

Our Trading Robot take Long and Short positions on Dax 40 CFDs.

The recommended capital is €3,000 or more, but the minimum possible to invest is €700 .

They open a trade each time a new momentum begins in an established trend, during trading hours, when the conditions defined by our strategy are validated.

They quickly cut losses and let gains run. This method is proven, but when trading manually it is very difficult to follow for psychological reasons.

They examine second by second when a trade is engaged, if the Take Profit, Break Even or Stop Loss is reached to immediately close the operation.

They close all positions the same day so they don’t have to pay overnight funding fees and to avoid any gaps that may occur overnight or over the weekend.

They use leverage on CFDs to multiply performance.



Here are the 3 rules that our trading robot respect to declare themselves reliable:

1. The algorithm should not have too many Parameters.
If the algorithm is optimized on a large number of variables, it becomes overoptimized.

2. Technical indicators should not be too numerous.
With too many indicators, the risk becomes significant that such scenarios will not happen again in the future.

3. The strategy should be simple, logical and effective over time.
– The strategy must be simple, otherwise there is a risk of over-optimization.
– Logical, because it is useless to be against the current of all the actors of the Stock Exchange.
– Effective over time, so as not to suffer disappointment during the Robot’s activity in a real situation.



Our trading robot allow perfect control of your Money management thanks to the risk per trade that you can define according to your tolerance and by the presence of a fixed Stop Loss in our algorithms.


Reinvestment of earnings

Our Trading Robot harness the ”compound interest magic” so dear to Warren Buffet.
With our bot, you can activate earnings reinvestment with one click.


Configure our Trading Robot, according to your risk tolerance!

You only have 3 parameters to define to configure our algorithms:

1/ Capital = X Indicate the amount (equivalent in €) that you have deposited in your IG account.

We suggest you invest an amount equivalent to €3,000 or more. For a lower capital, refer to the indications which are a little lower.

2/ Risk = X Indicate in % the risk you wish to take.

If your capital is €3,000 or more, we advise you to respect a range between 1% and 2% risk per trade.

For example, if Capital = 10000 and Risk = 1.5, the algorithm will automatically adjust the committed capital so that each position taken is immediately closed if a loss of approximately €150 is reached.

Another example: for a capital of 5,000 and a risk of 1%, the closing will occur if a loss of €50 is reached, etc.

3/ Reinvestment = X

Put 1 if you want the algorithm to use the reinvestment of earnings or 0 otherwise.

Cash in… and have fun!

1. You activate, stop, which has the effect of closing the current trade, and relaunch your trading robot in a few clicks.

2. You can log in to your ProRealTime platform, through your IG Bank account, to track the performance of your Robots. It is also possible to ask IG to send you an account statement at the end of the evening each time a trade has taken place during the day. You may also want to be notified when a trade is opened or closed.

3. Your money remains available at all times, with no waiting period and no fees. IG Bank does not take any commission on the bank transfers you ask it to make.


On simple request and in case of difficulty, I can send you an detailed installation procedure.

I remain happy to be at your disposal if you have any questions!

Claudio Schwarz
Algorithmic trading
Grand-rue 10
2054 Chézard-St-Martin
+41 32 846 33 90 (Phone)
+41 79 895 77 45 (WhatsApp)

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