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System based on the combination of three indicators (one of them unknown and highly effectiveand incorporates the possibility of money management (increasing or decreasing the position according to whether the system has a better or worse track-record) and position size (depending the different variables).

New Telegram channel:  IPA_system-PRT https://t.me/+hKp3HmIcGFFjNmQ0 (you can check all operations, any questions, performance…)

ON JANUARY 7th 2023 just more 1.000 euros and this version improve the previous, highly effective (more than 5.000 euros in less than two months) for other better for an even better one, even if it is hard to imagine ;), I am waiting your subscription (try it one month!!!!).

Actual performance: + 1.163 euros

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 when the system started in this Marketplace

The figures are IMPRESSIVE IN MY FIRST 1 MONTH AND 1 WEEK IN THIS MARKETPLACE and if you had subscribed since the first day, now your profit would be + 5.034 euros (range between 2-4 CFDs per operation) is a profit breathtaking of 252% in 6 weeks is equivalent to 2184% per year and with 71% operations win. It has performed well in a bear market, when automatic and manual systems tend to suffer more. Ratio win/loss: 2,3 is marvellous, striking and very powerful!!!!! (it’s better than in the backtesting)

My first 5 weeks in Marketplace, with a market very messy: 35 operations, 25 positives, 3 neutral and 7 negatives. In one month you would have paid more than four years of subscription (below the overview). Try it only one month although I am sure you go on forever ;)… and I am always online to answer your questions (maximum time to answer 1 hour).


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NEW IPA 2023

NEWIPA_Actual figures since 7nd January 2023


PERFORMANCE SINCE 07.11.2022 (first version IPA)



Broker: ProRealTime Platform or Broker with ProRealTime.

·       Active: Nasdaq 100.

·       Conceptual programming base of: a combination of three indicators

·       Style: Intraday Trading (one operation per day as average)

·       Operations: Long and Short.

·       Term: 10 minutes.

·       Hours of operations: 09:30 to 20:00.

·       Universal Time: UTC +1. 


o   Accumulate positions: No.

o   Money management: Yes / No (you can choice).

o   Position size: Yes / No (you can choice).

o   Min size: 0.5 contract.

o   Stop loss: 1,25%. 

o   Take profit: 1,15%.

o   Trailing stop: Yes.

o   Partial clousures: No.

· Capital needed: I recommend € 2000. You never need to increase the additional capital to the initial contribution. 

BThe security that the system gives me in addition to the results that have always been positive is that it is profitable in any asset: Dow Jones, Dax, CAC-40, even in commodities, but I prefer to activate it only in the Nasdaq because its performance is very positive.



I show basktesting figures for 200k since May 2017 (spread= 2p and without optimization) WITH MONEY MANAGEMENT ACTIVE (the number of contracts increases or decreases as profits or losses occur in the system, that’s why you can see in the backtesting such high figures as the months go by, but this option can be deactivated and always enter the market with the same number of contracts):


*Ratio benefit / drawdown= 20,2 (very very high, unbeatable).

*Performance for year: 2017 (-2,02%), 2018 (87,22%), 2019 (46,99%), 2020 (96,70%), 2021 (+4,91%) and 2022 (+64,55%).

*Best month (Mar 2018: 23,85%) and worst month (May 2018: -8,28%). And 10 months > +10%.

*Total months (67): 51 months with profits and 14 months with losses (2 draw).


Although I think that the backtesting in ONE MILLION is less reliable than 200k, the figures are very positives with a huge number of operations (since 2010 and more than 2300 operations). Too with spread= 2p, without optimization and MONEY MANAGEMENT ACTIVE. 



I show real trading figures for several periods during 2022. The system is the same, but I have been evolving it, especially to reduce drawdowns. You can see that the results are always positive, with a benefits almost to 11.000 euros in 11 months.

Real January - May 2022


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