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Boost Your Trading Results with Our Dax 40 Trading Robot, escoDAX®!

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I am committed to providing transparent and verifiable information to help you make an informed decision with confidence.

My Dax 40 Trading Robot, escoDAX® is displaying exceptional performance in live trading on a real account.

Since April 1, 2024, the detailed report below illustrates this result, achieved with an initial capital of 10,000 CHF and a risk per transaction limited to 1.5%.

Updated every Saturday – Remember to clear your browsing data and refresh the page.
You can open this page for more details and to view the list of closed positions and bank account statements.

In addition to its success in live trading, my robot has also undergone a rigorous backtest, confirming its ability to generate consistent profits over the long term.

A backtest  allows evaluating the performance of an algorithm with its latest version on past data.

Consider the following factors that bias the results:

  1. Parameter optimization: It is possible to optimize the robot’s parameters to maximize results. However, this adjustment becomes obsolete as soon as the robot starts trading live. Indeed, it is no longer possible to modify the parameters.
  2. Slippage: There is a lag between the actual execution price of orders and the one used during backtests.
  3. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

The detailed backtest below shows exceptional performance. They are essential for achieving remarkable results in real trading (see here).

Backtest over 1 year of my robot, with a capital of €10,000 and a risk per trade of 1.5%:

Features of the current versions

  • Strategy: Based on trend following, typically after a price retracement.
  • Tactics: Cut losses quickly, let profits run longer.
  • Money management: Simple, by defining the risk per trade as a percentage.
  • Leverage: My robots take advantage of leverage.
  • Compound interest: My robots have the ability to use the magic of compound interest.
  • Martingale: No similar system.
  • Algorithm update: If necessary (currently, I see no need for it).
  • Parameter update: Adjustment at the end of each month.
  • Data: Provided by IG Bank.
  • Charts: 15-minute candles.
  • Required capital: Recommended €3,000 or more, minimum €1,500 (see here).
  • Instrument: CFD.
  • Type of trading: Day trading.
  • Schedule: Between 8:00 AM at the earliest and up to 10:00 PM at the latest, on all business days.

About Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Break Even targets

  • Take Profit (set at 1.5% of the entry price) ⇒ Securing profits
    Using a fixed take profit allows locking in gains when the price reaches a certain level. This is beneficial to avoid leaving positions open for too long, capturing potential gains before a possible trend reversal.
  • Stop Loss (set at 0.5% of the entry price) ⇒ Risk management
    Using a fixed stop loss based on a predetermined percentage limits losses in case of unfavorable market movements. This contributes to rigorous risk management by allowing automatic exit from a position when the price reaches a pre-set level.
  • Break Even (activated when a potential gain reaches 0.3% of the entry price) ⇒ Capital protection
    The break-even point corresponds to the level where the market price reaches the trade entry price. By placing an automatic exit at break-even when a potential gain reaches a certain level, the goal is to protect the invested capital by ensuring that the trade does not incur any loss when the index price reverses.


My robots position themselves both long (buying) and short (selling) on CFDs of the Dax (DE), Nasdaq (USA), and Standard & Poor’s (USA) indices.

  1. They initiate a transaction as soon as the trend resumes after a price retracement. During consolidation periods, they seek to avoid triggering trades.
  2. They cut losses quickly and let profits run longer. This method has proven effective but is difficult to follow manually due to psychological factors.
  3. They monitor in real-time, when a trade is engaged, whether the Take Profit, Break Even, Stop Loss, or other conditions are met, to immediately close the transaction.
  4. They close all positions on the same day to avoid overnight financing fees and any gap that could occur overnight or during the weekend.
  5. They execute trades on the ProOrder module, directly from the ProRealTime platform, using an account with IG Bank. Thus, the computer can remain off.


My trading robots are designed to be:

  1. Efficient, by minimizing losses and maximizing gains.
  2. Scalable, by ensuring the protection of sensitive data.
  3. Reliable, for confident use in real situations.

Money management

You have complete control over your capital management by defining the level of risk you wish to take according to your personal tolerance.


I am confident in the real performance of my trading robots thanks to monthly parameter adjustments and continuous improvements to my algorithms when necessary.

Capital minimum

Although it is difficult to provide a precise answer to this question, it can be estimated that a minimum capital of approximately €1,500 is recommended to keep risks at a reasonable level. For more details, use our Risk per Trade Calculator.

Test my trading robot for 3 months at the special price of € 87!

For any questions or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me (see here).

Claudio Schwarz
Algorithmic Trading



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  1. alexandre.marlier (verified owner)

    Subscribed couple of days ago and the algo in line with backtest and expecations so far.

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