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clnh59 Horus – Fear & Greed

Outil très original sur la plateforme Prorealtime. J'ai découvert ce produit très récemment. Les bougies avec les couleurs du fear and Greed peuvent permettre de voir le comportement de l'indicateur dans le passé. En ayant observé ces derniers jours le comportement de l'indicateur, je trouve plein d'éléments positifs sur cet indicateur.

orin63 BladeSCALPER Screener – Lifetime license – 🥇 N°1 Best-Reviewed

Après avoir activé par erreur ma licence sur Prorealtime en mode démo, je n’arrivais plus à activer ma licence sur mon compte réel. Le SAV a été très réactif, un dimanche 🙂 pour corriger ce problème. L’équipe est au top et m’a bien aider.

Pierre-Yves DUHOT 🤖 RoboTrade, Trend Indicator Powered with Artificial Intelligence

Clearly the best tool I have ever tried! Amazing and really useful predictive feature for day trading or swing trading on Nasdaq. The hotline is also responsive and helpful in getting an accurate adjustment. I will purchase another license for a second PRT account, as it is refunded upon the 1rst successful trade ! 5 star indicator deserved !

digitation Advanced Volume Profile pack (rent): Daily Sessions VP + Composite VP

Excellent combination of indicators to add the clarity of Volume Profile to your PRT charts. The code is fast to update and the vendor support 1st class. The Daily Sessions VP has the useful option to display previous untouched/naked POC levels. The Composite VP can show separate profiles for two recent ranges. Both indicators have many customisable features.

Razz Renko ProRealTime – better market reading for all traders

Die Unterstützung von Nicolas ist wirklich super , Ich hatte Probleme mit den Einstellungen und er hat mir sofort weitergeholfen und weitere Hinweise gegeben Danke dafür ! Der Indikator zeigt mir Visuell den Trend nun besser an und Ich hoffe dadurch mein Trading zu verbessern . The support from Nicolas is really great, I had problems with the settings and he immediately helped me and gave me further information. Thanks for that! The indicator now shows me the trend better visually and I hope this will improve my trading.

dan_matthews ExtraTrend, the essential technical indicator for trading areas of strength

C'est Magnifique! Apologies for the poor French, but this indicator really is excellent. simple to use and very powerful. so much so, I will be getting another for my other account! Merci!

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From the same developer who brought you the High Probability Reversal Strat one of the very first and most popular automated strategies of the ProRealCode marketplace launched back in May 2021, FXAutomate is pleased to announce their latest product called Linear Reversion Trader (see below)

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HOW TO TRADE WITH TrendDECODER AND TrendDECODER SCREENER?   But first things first: WHY trading with TrendDECODER?   Well, every trader has faced this situation: being too early or too late entering the Trend or worse getting stuck in a Range.   The reason? Because all the Trend indicators that you can find LAG A […]

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