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Description :

Are you looking for an effective way to trade the DAX index with cutting-edge algorithm? Our Trade with Trend DAX algorithm is the ideal solution. Designed to be used on a real account, it offers exceptional features to maximize your profits while managing risk.


Features :

Scheduled Entry : Take advantage of well-timed entry points to optimize your trades and capitalize on the best market opportunities.

Trailing Stop : Our algorithm comes equipped with a trailing stop to protect your gains and minimize losses by automatically adjusting the stop.

Breakeven : You can set a breakeven level to lock in your gains and eliminate risk after a certain point.

Advanced Risk Management : Our predefined risk management settings include a 1.6% stop loss for long positions and a 0.8% stop loss for short positions, as well as a 3.2% take profit for long positions and a 1.5% take profit for short positions.

Customizable Contract Size : You have complete control over the number of contracts you want to trade, thus tailoring the algorithm to your risk tolerance and capital.

Exit Trades : trades are closed at a fixed time each evening to avoid overnight fees.


Backtest Results:

The algorithm has been successfully tested with 2 contracts and a spread of 2 on the Germany 40 CASH 1€ market.


Why Choose Our Algorithm :

Live Proof : Our algorithm is currently being used on a real account, demonstrating its reliability and ability to generate profits.

Strong Risk Management : The levels of stop loss, breakeven, and take profit ensure effective risk management.

User-Friendly : Even if you are a beginner trader, our algorithm is easy to set up and use.

Customizable : You can customize the algorithm to match your trading preferences.

Ongoing Support : Our support team is available to answer your questions and assist you in using the algorithm.


How to Get Started:

Begin harnessing the full potential of the DAX index using our Trade with Trend DAX algorithm.

With its advanced features and proven results, you can significantly enhance your trading strategy.


=> For the backtest, the number of contracts is 2 / spread: 2 / Germany 40 CASH 1€ :



  1. FCasanova (verified owner)

    Profit/loss ratio is low and recent performance is disappointing. Should be improved certainly with an entry filter.

  2. alexandre.marlier (verified owner)

    this algo needed some finetunning on my end but eventually it is a good algo, profitable and can be enhanced easily to boost the performance.

  3. leoufdhassigne (verified owner)

    My best purchase on the marketplace.
    Good vendor.
    The results are identical to the backtest.
    Very good algorithm.

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