We are often asked the question on whether automated strategies can truly remain profitable in ever changing volatile markets well after their initial development period. And to answer this question we will look at the mean reversal gold strategy from one of our very first vendors FXAutomate

This strategy has continued to show promising live results well after the initial marketplace listing date of May 2021 (and the subsequent update on 3-Nov), user reviews has also been very positive which is always an excellent measure. A discussion about this product has been initiated on the ProRealCode forum where you can find frequent updates of live results and also ask any questions you might have: Live performance updates for PRC Marketplace strategy: High Probability Reversal

According to the vendor this unique scalping strategy exploits a very unique high probability mean reversion event (which is when price is expected to return to its equilibrium from its extremes). Once this high probability event occurs the strategy starts 1 of up to a maximum of 3 attempts to exploit this edge while keeping any downside risk well defined. The other major benefit of this strategy is that it has a very low drawdown and margin requirement which is perfect for clients looking to start with smaller accounts. The strategy can easily be run with a balance of only $1000 as can be seen from this backtest:

Additionally the strategy also incorporates ‘Smart Money’ principles which allow it to detect hidden market imbalances by looking at liquidity supply and demand zones. The vendor also has a dedicated indicator that helps to detect these imbalances: Smart Money Indicator

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High Probability Reversal Strat

Author: FX Automate
Released: May 20, 2021
Updated: July 31, 2022

Very unique scalping strategy exploiting a unique extremely high probability mean reversion edge present in all markets.

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