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Product Overview:

Very unique scalping strategy exploiting a unique extremely high probability mean reversion edge present in all markets. Once this high probability event occurs the strategy starts 1 of up to a maximum of 3 attempts to exploit this edge while keeping risk well defined. The other major benefit of this strategy is that it has a very low drawdown and margin requirement which is perfect for clients looking to start with smaller accounts (from $500).

New Gold Version Released: 5-June-2022 (Full backtest and Live results added to gallery)

Strategy is running profitable with most recent Live results dated: 18-Jan-2023 

The new version comes with enhanced drawdown management incorporating Smart Money principles. To read about the latest updates or to see the latest live results visit the forum discussion here: Live performance updates for PRC Marketplace strategy: High Probability Reversal

New Bundled FX Version
(Results for July added to Gallery)

As of 1-Aug the strategy also comes bundled with a seperate version specifically configured for FX

Bonus: Free Access to my Ultimate and Complete Course on High-Probability Trading!

You will get also license for each of the product(s) listed below when you purchase:
  • High Probability Reversal Strat (FX Version)

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Mean Reversion Scalping Strategy for Gold and FX


It is a well documented fact that at some point all markets will face a mean reversion event. This usually occurs near the end of a trend when momentum starts to fade due to either capitulation or a market distribution phase.


This specific version of the High Probability Reversal Strat utilizes this unique edge by trading high probability mean reversal setups in the Spot Gold and selected FX markets utilizing the 5min timeframe. Once a trade is initialized the stop is well defined for an optimal risk to rewards ratio and will then attempt 1 of up to a maximum of 3 trades to profit from the expected mean reversion event.


I have personally tested this strategy live over the last couple of months and intend to continue running it live (Attached is the live results for the latest version). The strategy has specifically been developed in such a way as to avoid the usual hurdles associated with curve-fitting and over optimization. It follows time-proven trading principles of stringent risk management and trend following combined with leading edge price-action triggers.


All indicators includes free access to my Ultimate and Complete Course on High-Probability Trading (follow link for course content). You will find the link to the course content in the purchase note upon completion of payment.


About Me:

I am a professional ProRealTime developer with 4+ years experience in creating and coding ProRealTime strategies.

You can view my PRC profile here: https://www.prorealcode.com/user/juanj/

Strategy Features:

  • Once-off cost with no yearly fees!
  • Time Zone Independent (works in any time zone)
  • Optimal Risk:Reward based stop loss
  • Automatically calculates and analyses Weekly Pivots for enhanced accuracy

Requirements (Gold Version):

  • Account Type: IG Standard International Account
  • Minimum Recommended Account Size: $500 (Covers Margin and Risk)
  • Market: Spot Gold mini 5-minute timeframe

Requirements (FX Version):

  • Account Type: IG Standard International Account
  • Minimum Recommended Account Size: $1000 (Covers Margin and Risk)
  • Market: GBPUSD mini 5-minute timeframe
  • Timezone: Configured for UTS +2 (contact vendor for assistance in configuring for your timezone)

Strategy Parameters:

(click to zoom)


Important Note:

$500 capital is required for every 1 point increment in the PositionMultiplier (default setting is 2 i.e. $1000 capital requirement)

For more information on the LinearRegression and SupplementaryPosition parameter please visit page 8 of the dedicated ProRealCode forum.

6 reviews for High Probability Reversal Strat

  1. English

    elechim72 (verified owner)


    Hello, I have bad results in both strategies in the last 2 months

  2. bikersonicmike (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the performance of this algorithm it has produced excellent results in different market conditions. After I purchased the algo and before trading it live I reached out to the algo author Juan via email with several questions and queries he promptly replied and provided excellent support. This is an exceptionally well written piece of code I would recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing it.

  3. phoentzs (verified owner)

    Very good work. I am very satisfied.

  4. Remy (verified owner)

    This algorithm works like a charm and has led to wonderful results this February while controlling the risk.
    I earned more than 4 times the price I paid in less than 2 months. Thank you so much Juan!
    The support is great as well. Juan answers all the questions you can ask and you can also read the comments and the updates on the dedicated forum.
    For a lifetime price, this algorithm is a bargain.

  5. caktrading (verified owner)

    The BEST algo in prorealcode,
    Thank you very much

  6. oliver (verified owner)

    Perfect Job Juani for this Algo !!
    Keep it going on.

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