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I have created this extremely comprehensive derivatives trading course with the sole purpose of helping aspiring and even experienced derivatives traders who are constantly losing money due to bad trading practices and inherent psychological hurdles. I have made it my personal goal to make this course as complete as possible to provide a turn-key solution for individuals looking to succeed in trading on the financial markets. With 8 hours of high-quality training videos, this is the only course on derivatives trading you will ever need.

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The Ultimate & Complete Course on High-Probability Derivatives Trading

Course Outline:

1.   Course Introduction

a.     Welcome

                                                    i.     Content Assurance vs other trading courses

                                                  ii.      Sum of all free courses

b.     About me

                                                    i.     Experience as a Systems Analyst

                                                  ii.     Trading Experience (Why Trading)

                                                 iii.     FXAutomate

c.      Course Outcomes

                                                    i.     How this course will equip you as a trader

1.     Knowledge and analytical ability to read the market

2.     Ability to manage risk

3.     Confidence in making the right trading decisions

4.     Independence from others’ tips, ideas etc.

5.     Compile your own Trading Strategy

d.     Managing Expectations

e.     Course Content Covered

f.       Disclaimer

                                                    i.     Risk

2.   What is trading? (In the context of investments)

a.     Trading vs Investing

b.     Common trading instruments

                                                    i.     Derivatives: CFD, Options, Futures

c.      Common Markets

                                                    i.     Forex

                                                  ii.     Index

                                                 iii.     Shares/Stocks

                                                 iv.     Commodities

                                                   v.     Crypto

3.   How to get started

a.     Selecting a Broker

                                                    i.     Reliability

                                                  ii.     Costs/Fees

                                                 iii.     Accessibility and Ease of Use

                                                 iv.     Value Adds (Charting, App, Automated Trading)

b.     Opening your account

                                                    i.     Sign-up

                                                  ii.     Login information

                                                 iii.     Platforms

c.      Understanding Account Types

                                                    i.     Demo Acc

                                                  ii.     Live Acc

d.     Funding your Account

e.     Setting-up your Account

                                                    i.     Layout

                                                  ii.     WatchLists

                                                 iii.     Datafeeds

f.       Charting and Tools

                                                    i.     Charting – TradingView

                                                  ii.     Custom Indicators – PRT, TradingView

                                                 iii.     Stock and Pattern Screeners – PRT

                                                 iv.     Automated Trading – PRT, MT

4.   Trading Psychology – Why most people fail

5.   Market Fundamentals

a.     Exchanges

b.     Share Codes

c.      Market Hours

d.     Spreads

e.     Margin & Gearing

f.       Margin Call

g.      Going Long or Short

                                                    i.     Definition

                                                  ii.     Implications

h.     Order Types

                                                    i.     Market Order

                                                  ii.     Stop order

                                                 iii.     Limit Order

i.       Exiting a Trade

                                                    i.     Profit (Limit)

                                                  ii.     Stop Loss

1.     Standard Stop

2.     Guaranteed Stop

3.     Trailing Stop

6.   Trading Plan (Trade Management)

                                                    i.     Identifying  Setups

1.     Finding & Identification

2.     Alerts

3.     Checklist

                                                  ii.     Risk Management

1.     Risk Reward Ratio

2.     Position Sizing

3.     Risk Management

                                                 iii.     Trade Journal

7.   Trading Styles

                                                    i.     Introduction

                                                  ii.     Fundamental Analysis

                                                 iii.     Technical Analysis

                                                 iv.     Position trader

                                                   v.     Intraday

                                                 vi.     Trend Trading

                                               vii.     Swing Trading

                                              viii.     Breakout Trading

                                                 ix.     Scalping

                                                   x.     Mean Reversion

8.   Market Types

                                                    i.     Bull/Bear

                                                  ii.     Ranging/Consolidating

                                                 iii.     Trending

9.   How to read a chart

a.     Types

                                                    i.     Line

                                                  ii.     Candlestick/Bar

                                                 iii.     Heikin Ashi

                                                 iv.     Renko (No TF)

b.     Scale: Linear/Log

c.      Timeframes: M, W, D, 4Hr, 1Hr, etc.

d.     Price Types

                                                    i.     Ask

                                                  ii.     Bid

                                                 iii.     Mid

                                                 iv.     Pips vs points

e.     Price Movement

                                                    i.     Waves – Impulse/Correction

                                                  ii.     Trending markets (Higher Highs/Lower Lows)

f.       Price Action

                                                    i.     Candlestick Anatomy

                                                  ii.     Candlestick Price Action

                                                 iii.     Candlestick Lifecycle

                                                 iv.     Spinning Top and Doji

                                                   v.     Hammers & Pinbars

                                                 vi.     Engulfing & Piercing

                                               vii.     3 Line Strength

                                              viii.     Pinbar Reversal

                                                 ix.     Tweezer Reversal

                                                   x.     Candlestick Analysis

g.      Major Levels

                                                    i.     Support and Resistance

1.     Horizontal (Primary)

2.     Diagonal (Secondary)

3.     Andrews’s Pitchfork

                                                  ii.     Fractals and Swing Points

                                                 iii.     Pivot Levels

1.     Levels and Calculation

2.     Types (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

3.     Missed Pivots

                                                 iv.     Fibonacci Levels

1.     How to use it

                                                   v.     Gaps

1.     Types

                                                 vi.     Level  Identification (Multi TF)

10.                   Technical Analysis – Indicators

a.     Moving Averages

                                                    i.     Types (Simple, Exponential, Zero Lag)

                                                  ii.     Popular MA’s (9, 20, 50, 100, 200)

b.     Volume

                                                    i.     Introduction

                                                  ii.     Volume on Levels

                                                 iii.     VWAP

                                                 iv.     MFI or OBV

c.      Bollinger Bands

                                                    i.     Introduction

                                                  ii.     Bollinger Squeeze

                                                 iii.     Bollinger Bounce

                                                 iv.     Bollinger ‘M’ or ‘W’ Reversal

d.     Momentum Indicators

                                                    i.     RSI

                                                  ii.      ADX

                                                 iii.     Stochastic

e.     Ichimoku

                                                    i.     Components

                                                  ii.     Price Theory

                                                 iii.     Number Theory

f.       Alligator

                                                    i.     Components

g.      Divergence

                                                    i.     Introduction

                                                  ii.     MACD

h.     Volatility

                                                    i.     ATR

i.       Elliot Waves

11.                   Technical Analysis – Classical Patterns

                                                    i.     Reversal  Patterns

1.     Head & Shoulders

2.     Double/Triple Top/Bottom

3.     Diamond

                                                  ii.     Flags and Pennants

                                                 iii.     Ascending and Descending Wedge

                                                 iv.     Symmetrical and Flat Bottom Triangles

                                                   v.     Diamond Reversal

                                                 vi.     Harmonics

12.                   Tips that will help you succeed

13.                   Automated Trading

a.     Introduction

b.     EA’s and Trading Algorithms

c.      Benefits


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