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This 30mn TPO profiles on Price indicator for ProRealTime runs on any intraday timeframe dividing 30 (30mn, 15mn, 10mn, 5mn, 3mn, 2mn, 1mn…)

Able to display as many daily (or above) sessions profiles as you have loaded history, or from your chosen date within loaded history, it includes a self-updating profile for live session, creating on-chart each new TPO box/letter from the very first live tick hitting it.

Naked POC’s and Naked Single Prints detections, with extra option to update their graphic status as unrevisited/revisited both for history and live.

It works with all v11’s and v12’s PRT versions from any broker.

In particular -as it is a frequent request- it makes it finally possible with IG to display great TPO charts with CFD assets!!! Including customisable session start and finish times to match corresponding exchange opening hours.

Intraday dataflow required (meaning: not for free “end of day” accounts not giving access to intraday dataflow in the first place).

Details and screen captures available in “description” tab below.


==>   Frequent 1 or 2 weeks free trials available every other month   <==

==>   Current free trial start available until: End of May 2024   <==

==>   Next free trial scheduled for: August 2024   <==



If you’re looking for volume profile instead of (or as well as) TPO profiles, sessions VP and Composite VP are also in store:

.                                                             |   RENT – rate/mth (invoiced/qtr)    |    BUY lifetime license   .

A – Daily Sessions VP                           |             10€/mth (30€/qtr)               |              139€

B – Composite & custom ranges VP    |             10€/mth (30€/qtr)               |              125€

C = A & B – Advanced VP pack -25%  |      20€ 15€/mth (60€ 45€/qtr)        |      264€  198€

or:                                                          |                                                          |

D – TPO profiles for ProRealTime       |       20€/mth   [*You are Here*]      |              N/A




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“TPO Profiles on price charts” for ProRealTime properties:

  • Running on any intraday timeframe divider of 30mn (= 30, 15, 10, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1 mn…)

  1. Dynamic highlight on profile of the TPO row for live price level
  2. Dynamic highlight on profile of the TPO row for current POC position
  3. Live Text position customisable as either number of candles to the right (will slide as you scroll laterally), or as fixed amount of pixels away from window’s right edge (staying on the screen edge at relevant price level when scrolling)
  4. Previous session’s POC and previous VAH/VAL levels automatically highlighted in current session, to save you drawing them each day
  5. Initial balance (IB) toggle on/off for current session and/or past sessions, customisable start and finish IB times, optional display of IB range multiples chosen by user, live countdown display till end of live IB
  • Start and finish session times customisable, for example if you want to use only futures session times extracted from a 24h cfd dataflow… Or run as 24h TPO profiles (forex, commodities)


  • TPO box height chosen by user in points/pips, and profile will contain vertically as many boxes as needed
  • TPO box width chosen by user so that, depending both on timeframe used and on your varying zoom level, you can narrow or stretch overall profile
  • Several TPO styles available (letter or symbol or numbers, with or without backgrounds or surrounds)
  • Customisable Value Area lines as dotted or full lines
  • Customisable surrounding box of each profile as dotted or full lines


  • Composite sub-profile of several sessions possible between chosen dates and times, while profiles of other sessions remain separate. Overall POC and VA of composite replace those of the sessions they contain


  • Switch from TPO profiles to 30mn TPO bars (on any of the intraday timeframes dividing 30mn)


  • Previous sessions unrevisited POC’s lines (“naked POC’s”) with choice of only the still unrevisited, or also the previously unrevisited up to point of revisit
  • Previous sessions unrevisited Single Prints, available in several colours, with choice of only the still unrevisited, or also the previously unrevisited up to point of revisit


  • Point of Control (POC), and Value Area High & Low (VAH/VAL) calculations, with option to display either as “end of session” levels, or as “developing lines” with candle-by-candle recalculation (tick this option last to customise everything else first even faster), or both.
  • Developing POC and VA lines are customisable in style and colour, and displayed from a custom date.
  • Possibility to colour Developing Value Area, or to split it into 2 colour zones between developing POC and each VA line VAL/VAH


  • Option to highlight previous session’s Value Area into current session with a light background box
  • Display classic daily sessions of course, or also (x)days or weekly or (x)weeks or monthly sessions, while still respecting each day your customised start and finish times, which you can visually spot with the “developing Value Area” option turned “on” and colored. Example with weekly sessions of 30mn TPO boxes:


  • Option to colour profiles with 5 zones (up to 7 when using optional Initial Balance timing different from the 5 zones times) defined by customisable time settings (so create what you want: world trading sessions, overlaps Europe/US, etc…)


  • Several built-in error messages stopping display of flawed profiles in case of parameters input inconsistency, avoiding working from wrong profile without realising so, and with suggestions in the messages of what parameter(s) to correct


  • And for our latest innovation: History permanent drawings (usually done from an itf file with defparam drawonlastbaronly=false) and Live temporary drawings with varying durations (usually done in another separate itf file with defparam drawonlastbaronly=true) are both made from the very same file, instead of two. Only one file for both live and history drawings means only one set of parameters to handle, making it more simple to customise for users.


Parameters customisation PDF user guide:

To assist you customising your TPO profiles parameters differently from default settings, a parameters guide in PDF format is at your disposal in your account’s downloads page




1 review for TPO profiles for ProRealTime

  1. adrianmackrory (verified owner)

    A really useful addition to your charts. In my opinion, TPO is far better than Volume Profile as it takes “time” into account and not Volume at an individual price.

    While it takes a certain amount of set-up time to find the settings that work best for your trading style it is well worth it.

    It works well with my IG account and markets that have a defined start and finish time such as Indices.

    Give it a go, at 20 Euro a month it’s a good value add-on, plus “Volume Profile Solutions” are very helpful and respond to queries quickly.

    PS, VPS Volume Profiles also work well if that’s your thing!

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