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Lifetime license for Daily Sessions volume profile for PRTv11, with 2 sets of separate parameters to customise current day independantly from past days of loaded history in your chosen intraday timeframe. Our highly effective algorithm enables fast recalculation each time you wish to change a parameter, opening up many customisation possibilities. See full set of options available in the “description” tab below.

This is where this lifetime license version sits in our current table of VP solutions :

.                                                                   RENT – rate/mth (invoiced/qtr)        BUY lifetime license

A – Daily Sessions VP                                       10€/mth (30€/qtr)                      125€ [*You are Here*]

B – Composite & custom ranges VP                10€/mth (30€/qtr)                          125€

C = A + B : Advanced VP pack save 25%        20€ 15€/mth (60€ 45€/qtr)           250€  187€50


D – TPO profiles for ProRealTime         20€/mth (or discounted for 3/6/12 mths)     N/A


Important: if you have both a PRT demo account and a PRT real account, please make sure you install your license on the account you want to use your VP on (usually the real account), because 1 marketplace license is valid only for the first account it is installed on, so don’t try it on demo first if you want it on real account after, it won’t work twice, please only install it directly on real account if that’s what you really want.


Update 30/05: v2.8 version coming soon, along with revamp of this description page to include previously added options of oct. 3rd v2.6 update and feb. 6th v2.7 updates, for any question you may use either the store contact form or the following PRC forum post for shared public info: https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/prc-marketplace-volume-profile-solutions-store-general-discussions/#post-179127

@)-}~~~    Store news    ~~~{-(@

Thanks for your time looking at this Daily Sessions VP code, some PRT v11 updates brought some new possibilities we’ve wished for, depending if some more others are brought by v12, hopefully we should have a couple more nice surprises “in store” (literally) for you…

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Dax30full0621 2021 05 26

Dax30 Full0621 1mn

Daily Sessions Volume Profile properties:

  • Volume Point of Control (VPOC), Value Area High and Low (VAH/VAL) calculations
  • Start and finish times customisable, choose your desired subset of data (for example if you want to use only futures session volumes rather than 24h, or using 2 sets of code to display RTH/ETH sessions, or Asia/Europe/USA sessions, etc…)
  • Bar height chosen by user in pts/pips, minimum as small as asset “ticksize”
  • Max bar horizontal length at VPOC chosen by user
  • Left or right profile position chosen by user
  • Initial balance (IB) toggle on/off, customisable start and finish IB times, optional display of IB range multiples chosen by user, and of IB’s overlaps
  • Customisable colors for VPOC, VA/outside of VA, and IB
  • Several bar styles available
  • Dynamic highlight of current horizontal bar within profile
  • Previous days unrevisited VPOC’s lines (“naked VPOC’s”) toggle on/off
  • Developing VPOC history toggle on/off (tick it last and only when needed, to customise everything else first even faster)
  • Developing Value Area toggle on/off (tick it last and only when needed, to customise everything else first even faster)
  • Compatible with PRT v11, both for classic assets (stocks, futures, etc…) from your broker, and for IG cfd’s… any asset with volume data
  • Run it on intraday smallish timeframes
  • Fast enough to handle any amount of bars loaded history you throw at it
  • Also compatible with (x) tick charts

Param7 Live v2pt6Param8 Past v2pt6

Parameters customisation pdf guide:

To assist you customising your daily sessions volume profile parameters away from default settings, a parameters guide in pdf format keeping up with each masteritf update is at your disposal in your account’s downloads page both in English and in French.

EurUsd2021 05 26

Ex EurUsd 2mn (1 pip bars)

PXI5mn2021 05 26

Ex F40 5mn, 2 bar styles

DailySessionsVP Dow1mn3D

Ex Dow 1mn, 1pt bar, 3D bar style

DailySessionsVP Dow1mn A

Ex: Dow 1mn thin, bars style

1 review for Daily Sessions Volume Profile (lifetime license)

  1. gomezllano (verified owner)

    Magnificent indicator that completes a great lack of PRT so far. In addition, a magnificent support from the seller who has always listened to suggestions and requests and has been updating the product based on the needs of the clients, regardless of how complicated the request is, sooner or later he manages to implement new features. What more could you want? Bravo

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