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Investing by exploiting the seasonality of gold

Over the years, statistical studies have shown that there is a seasonality on the financial markets that can be favorably exploited.
Seasonality tends to affect every asset, but commodities are certainly the financial market most affected by seasonality.
One of the most famous seasons on the financial markets is that of gold.
This algorithm exploits the opportunity given by seasonality by changing the number of contracts used.
The bot tests the "breakout" points that it expects to buy strength and short the price weakness, the positive result is clearly visible.
Buying on strength when a resistance level breaks up, or short on weakness when a support level breaks down, this produces a rising, linear and profitable equity line.


The chart below shows the very regular equity



In the graphs below you can see the Backtest, and above all the "LIVE"


The Bot, despite having demonstrated an excellent performance in “LIVE” in 2022 (over € 1,330 in 10 months), has recently been improved, this update has produced a more linear performance and a DownLoad decreased by 20%.




The algorithm enters the market with both Long and Short operations

Capital management:
There is no capital management, in order to exploit the full potential of the algorithm, also dictated by the low drawdown of the bot (using it with 1 or 2 contracts based on seasonality is only € 173)


Algorithm details:

Time Frame                                  : 1 Hour
Entrance time                              : 00:00 - 23:00
Stoploss for Long operations  : 1,90% (only three times hit in 2014 and 2016)
Stoploss for short trades         : 3,00% (only twice hit in 2011 and 2015)
"The bot has two management of exit from the transaction in case of stoploss"
Trailing stop: Yes
Max DrawDown  : € 867.00 with 5 or 10 contracts of € 1 depending on the season
Target Long          : 4.00%
Target Short         : 3.00%

Free choice on the number of contracts to use (minimum 1 or 2 contracts, depending on the seasonality of the bot)


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