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Being the best-selling strategy proves him right 🚀

Excellent performance since 2020, now more stable and profitable in all conditions using TF10 min and only long trades


(!) Download and launch all our systems using our demo (!)

Explore our transparent and always-accessible demo as a validation tool. It even includes all historical versions for comprehensive tracking: https://bit.ly/cfdatdemomp


🌟🌟 Trend following strategy for NASDAQ 🌟🌟

– The first version was created in July 2020

– This strategy have an extensive period of success. So profitable, with the biggest DrawDown at end of the month of only 600€ in real (up to 9000€ of profit since released). 

– Powerful LONG-ONLY config  (that demonstrated to be highly solid during the three years of this strategy)  


🏴‍☠️Do you know that most of the systems crash after publishing it? Making a well-looking system can be easy, as it’s so easy that you fall into the trap of an overfitting system. Sometimes even the provider it’s not aware of it.  Nobody can assure profits, but you can trust us as a provider with more than 3 years of distributing systems. Our development process is focused on do not overfit, and our updates usually enhance the previous version (while older versions even continue to be stable and profitable over time)

Consider the OOS of the strategy and version.  Any historic result table always shows Out Of Sample periods. Need help understanding the results, the risks or the necessary equity? Do not hesitate to contact us

  • History and changelog of this strategy here
  • Latest results here
  • Run and check the complete statistics in the downloadable demo for backtest
  • You can also join our Discord channel to see all the history and how we work, ask us something, and see historical results or conversations and doubts with other customers…


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This trend-following strategy, with steady long positions and quick shorts, fits perfectly into the NASDAQ market. The long operations last around 1’5 days in average, and the short operations around 7 hours.

Special trailing stop behaviour and multiple controls made this strategy a solid and reliable system, shielded for any condition. Always with breakeven protection and trailing stop, there are different kind of exit rules.

Over time, this system brings very profitable long positions and with quick protection in short positions.


Market and TimeFrame: Strategy designed to be used in NASDAQ in a TimeFrame of 10 minutes. Results are shown using the “US Tech 100 Cash” product at 1€ per point. 

Stop Loss: Always. Maximum of 2%. It can be different for long and short. BreakEven protection is enabled by default.

Profit handling: Trailing Stop by blocks based on ATR and exit with profits in case of a strong trend change. Depending on the trend, it’s possible that the system closes half position to ensure profits.

Don’t be fooled: Backtest results are shown for 1 contract at € 1 per point. Only 1 position at a time; without martingales, cumulating orders or big sizing.  Profit reinvestment is disabled by default and configurable (backtest or official results do not use reinvestment; instances in real shown sometimes use it).  Different configurations are available, with visible and non-obfuscated code. Showing here screenshots with visible ProRealTime windows headers, distinguishing between backtest, real and demo in each case (avoid screens without headers and quick photoshops 🏴‍☠️).  Available versioning and results full information in our website and groups, with full tracking.

Extras: Delivered to be used out-of-the-box (only check the desired sizing and timezone).  Money Management and Drawdown control modules are available.

ADVISE: For CFD, if you recently opened your trading account, you may get an error “trailing stop is not compatible with your account” when launching any system. That’s because you have a “limited risk” account. Please contact your broker’s support, preferably by phone, requesting to unblock your account. The problem will disappear after unblock your account and restart ProRealTime.





Presentation video with latest results in real for a LONG-ONLY config (April 2023) 


CURRENT VERSION ANALYSIS FOR FULL PERIOD –> Download the full report here

Note the different scale between profit and the market price. The software matches the last value, but the left scale is profit, and the right one is the market price.


We do not make-up drawdowns, big gains need drawdowns. Avoid magic systems and ratios, don’t be fooled. Our results show always results in Out Of Sample considering always the publication date of each version. Some studies or comparisons could use the last version, but we do not make-up past results with the new versions or optimizations, our official results tables and publications always show the real results)

All our algos have a max 2% Stop Loss (or less), a money management system and a configurable drawdown limit to protect capital in the worst of cases.  All images show results with 1 contract configuration.


This algo is delivered to be used “out-of-the-box”, not recommended any change even in changing circumstances. Let us do the best for you, if the strategy has to be updated, we will do it after the corresponding study and period in real in our accounts before distributing it



Updated results of an instance in real account, for the LONG-ONLY configuration. Started with 0.8 contracts and a low profit reinvestment (configurable, disabled by default). Using 1 fixed contract is equivalent to 2.935 points won per contract.


200k backtest with spread 2. Default version (LONG+SHORT positions)


Full history backtest (1M candles) to see previous periods. Showing the default version (at left) and the LONG-ONLY config (at right).



Long period of the LONG-ONLY config


Results in real. Previous version starting with 0.5 contracts and Money Management activated. Variable contract sizing increase the risk (Money Management not recommended by default and not considered/included in the tables or official results shown)


Results in real. Same than previous, for a short-only configuration in this case.


Previous version. In demo to show all the period OOS of the previous version, with 1 fixed contract (default sizing)




Starting 1 contract with reinvestment MM=2 (medium)


1 contract. Reinvestment disabled (as default)


1 contract. Reinvestment disabled (as default)

Instances of TALOS NAS and ZEUS NAS systems, shared by a customer


TALOS NAS V2.2 debut. Showing an instance in real started with 0.5 contracts and low Money Management (means >2.500€ per contract in a bit more than 2 months)


With this product license, we offer access to all updates of this strategy and customer support during the license period.  You can participate in our support groups, and we can offer to you recommendations about configuration and reinvestment modules, system selection, drawdown and recommended equity…. even portfolio suggestions and coexistence with other systems.


New 2024 Prices! We have significantly reduced prices in 2024, so don’t expect further offers as we will not be reducing prices further this year.

 –> Update as of March 2024: The SETH NAS and PLUG NIKKEI systems have been included, leading to an increase in the price of the TOTAL PACK. (Previous owners of the TOTAL PACK received these systems at no additional cost)


(!) Check before buy! Download and launch all our systems using our demo (!)

Explore our transparent and always-accessible demo as a validation tool. It even includes all historical versions for comprehensive tracking: https://bit.ly/cfdatdemomp


Not CFD account? Looking for an algo for ProRealTime + Interactive Brokers? 

Let’s go to the product page of this product running over the standard futures in a IB account

We distribute our systems as CFD AutoTrading for CFD accounts, and as IBKR AutoTrading for ProRealTime + Interactive Brokers


Additional information

Subscription Time

6 months, 1 year (10% off), V2.6 LAUNCH OFFER – 2 years 40% OFF

10 reviews for TALOS NAS (NASDAQ)

  1. Berry Vlogtman (proprietario verificato)

    Ik heb het Talos systeem sinds eind 2021 gevolgd. Bepaalde periodes werkt het systeem goed. Vooral als er over een langere periode een positieve trend zichtbaar is. Het nadeel van dit systeem is dat het in de verlies trades veel meer verliest, dan dat er winst gemaakt wordt in de positieve trades. Op zich geen probleem als het aantal positieve trades veel groter is dan het aantal negatieve trades. Dat bleek niet het geval. Daarnaast werd er ook veel geld verloren met trades die op dikke winst stonden, maar waarbij het systeem een stop loss had op grote afstand en daardoor een groot deel van de winst uiteindelijk weer verloor. Vooral in de periodes van trendomkeer of daling, worden er weinig positieve trades gemaakt en zijn de verliezen maximaal. Uiteindelijk ben ik gestopt aangezien het systeem bijna al mijn inleg had opgemaakt. Geen cent verdient aan het systeem!!

  2. Italiano

    borje.granberg (proprietario verificato)


    Sono un cliente dal 2020 e Talos è uno dei sistemi più redditizi che ho noleggiato! Algo molto stabile!

  3. Italiano

    victorgr96 (proprietario verificato)


    Un sistema affidabile che funziona in un indice così volatile.

  4. Italiano

    Laurent Nonclercq (proprietario verificato)


    Un ottimo robot con il senno di poi. Il programma viene aggiornato dai creatori in base alle esigenze. Il servizio di assistenza post-vendita è molto buono.

  5. Italiano

    DV (proprietario verificato)


    Sono cliente di questo provider da più di un anno con diversi dei suoi sistemi. Ho deciso di scegliere quello che sembra essere il più promettente e l’ho utilizzato ininterrottamente da aprile 2022 a metà novembre 2022. A differenza di quanto sostiene il fornitore, i risultati sono stati nella media e sono un po’ deluso. Il profitto per i 7 mesi è stato di 571 euro. Fate i vostri conti, ma a seconda di quanto pagate per gestire il sistema, potrebbe essere redditizio. Ho eseguito il sistema con una dimensione di 0,5 che, ovviamente, è piccola. L’esecuzione dello stesso sistema con una dimensione maggiore renderebbe il sistema più redditizio, ma questo comporta uno svantaggio che non è compatibile con il mio stile di trading. Il motivo è che la percentuale di operazioni vincenti è alta, ma i vincitori sono spesso piccoli, ad esempio tra 10 e 50 euro. Poi si verifica una perdita di 100 euro o più. Ciò significa che spesso sono necessari 3 vincitori solo per compensare l’ultima perdita. Il lato positivo è che il provider è molto reattivo e aperto ai commenti e alle domande. Questo è molto apprezzato.

  6. Italiano

    magnus.malmnas (proprietario verificato)


    Uno dei migliori in circolazione in questo ambiente.

  7. Italiano

    patrik.persson22 (proprietario verificato)


    È affidabile, funziona molto bene e hanno un canale discord molto professionale. Se sei un nuovo ragazzo come me, inizia con questo sito.

  8. Italiano

    Remy (proprietario verificato)


    Dopo 3 settimane di funzionamento di questa algo, l’abbonamento annuale è già stato ripagato e d’ora in poi si tratta di profitti puri. Anche il supporto è molto apprezzato: non si viene mai lasciati soli con i propri dubbi e la propria algo e si può fare qualsiasi domanda.

  9. Italiano

    mlloydprice (proprietario verificato)


    Lo gestisco da settembre 2021 e ha sempre ottenuto buoni risultati. È l’unica algo commerciale che gestisco attualmente, essendo stato colpito da altre algo. Lo raccomando vivamente… con un rendimento di 2 GBP per punto ha vinto 3000 GBP in meno di 2 mesi (dal 19 aprile 2022 al 10 giugno 2022).

  10. Italiano

    p.guedj (proprietario verificato)


    Ho iniziato a utilizzare Talos NAS dal 22.06.21, ora è il 26.08.21 e ho già ottenuto 1150 punti di profitto. Questo algoritmo è molto promettente con un drawdown molto controllato.

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