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UPDATED TO V2.5!!  Enhancing the outstanding.  Now with dynamic SL, daily/hourly seasonality (protecting capital in the most volatile situations), and partial close under certain conditions.

7.000‚ā¨ per contract won with this strategy during it’s 24 months active.¬† Crushing it on this 2022 with more than 2.600‚ā¨ of profit per contract (an average of 288‚ā¨ per month and contract!!)


Being the best-selling strategy proves him right ūüöÄ

Are you not impressed?¬† Think about how are going the market and major part of algos during this year and…and just compare results per contract.

Do you have an open, public and permanent demo available with any other vendor?  Think why we are the only vendor having it:


‚ėÜ‚ėܬ† ¬† Look at the live tweets for latest results:¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†‚ėÜ‚ėÜ


Trend following strategy for NASDAQ 

First version created in July 2020.  Latest version updated on October 2022 (published in November)

‚ö†ÔłŹ¬†All results shown for 1 simple concurrent position, with 1 fixed contract and 200k candles, showing monthly results. What you see is what you get:¬†No short periods shown, no make up the DD, no results showing quarter bars.

ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹDo you know that most part of systems crashes after publish it? Make a well-looking system can be easy, as far it’s so easy that you fall intro the trap of a overfitted system. Sometimes even the provider it’s not aware of it.¬† Nobody can assure profits, but you can trust in us as a provider with more than 2 active years distributing systems.¬† Our development process is focused in do not overfit, and our updates usually enhances the previous version (while older versions even continue stable and profitable over time)

Consider the OOS of the strategy and version.  Any result table always show Out Of Sample periods. Need help to understand results, risks or necessary equity? Do not hesitate to contact us

  • History and¬†change log¬†of this strategy¬†here.¬†
  • Latest¬†results¬†here
  • Run and check yourself complete¬†statistics in the¬†downloadable demo for backtest.¬†
  • You can also¬†join our¬†Discord channel¬†to see all the history, how we work, ask us something, see historical results or conversations and doubts with other customers…


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This trend following strategy, with long-lasting long positions and quick shorts, fits perfectly to the NASDAQ market. The strategy have a high time-in-market that increments the risk of SL when market change the trend, but is largely compensated with a very profitable long positions and with quick protection in short positions. Bearish market specialist!!

20221113 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS All History


To reduce the risk even in the same market, combine it too with the vectorial strategy ZEUS NAS, to obtain profit in consolidated trends and in trend changes too.


20221113 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS V2.5 BT200k histogram

200k BT. 1 fixed contract.

20221113 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS V2.5 BT200k statistics

200k BT. 1 fixed contract (statistics)

20221113 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS V2.5 BT1M

Max history available (1M candles). 1 fixed contract


20221113 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS V2.2 Real

Results in real. Previous version starting with 0.5 contracts and Money Management activated. Variable contract sizing increase the risk (Money Management not recommended by default and not considered/included in the tables or official results shown)

20221113 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS V2.2 ShortOnly Real

Results in real. Same than previous, for a short-only configuration in this case.

20221113 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS V2.2 DemoFirst

Previous version. In demo to show all the period OOS of the previous version, with 1 fixed contract (default sizing)



We do not make-up drawdowns, big gains need drawdowns. Avoid magic systems and ratios, don’t be fooled.

All our algos have a max 2% of Stop Loss (or less), a money management system and a configurable drawdown limit to protect capital in the worst of cases.  All images shows results with 1 contract configuration.

This algo is delivered to be used “out-of-the-box”, not recommended any change even in changing circumstances. Let us do the best for you, if the strategy have to be updated, we will do it after the corresponding study and period in real in our accounts before distribute it


‚ėÜ‚ėܬ† ¬† Look at the live tweets for latest results:¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†‚ėÜ‚ėÜ



20220912 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS Stopped

20220907 CFDAutoTrading TALOS NAS V2.2 SHORT REAL2

TalosNAS CB 1c MM2

Starting 1 contract with reinvestment MM=2 (medium)


Talos Nas Monthly

1 contract. Reinvestment disabled (as default)


photo 2021 05 25 18 39 38

1 contract. Reinvestment disabled (as default)

Talos NAS V2.1 09 latestResultsRealTalos NAS V2.1 REAL 2

Talos NAS V2.1 REAL 1

TalosNASZeusNAS randomCustomer

Instances of TALOS NAS and ZEUS NAS systems, shared by a customer


20220530 TALOS NAS 1

TALOS NAS V2.2 debut. Showing an instance in real started with 0.5 contracts and low Money Management (means >2.500‚ā¨ per contract in a bit more than 2 months)


20220812 CFDAutoTrading NAS Systems VS NAS Index 2020 now


With this product license, we offer access to¬†all updates of this strategy and customer support during the license period.¬† You can participate in our own¬†support groups and we can offer to you recommendations about configuration and reinvestment modules, system selection, drawdown and recommended equity….even portfolio suggestions and coexistence with another systems.

202210 CFDAutoTrading Results 202209 GraphALL WithHeader Custom 1


Take a look to our complete portfolio.  Stable and reliable systems for all kind of market circumstances.  Backtest and verify latest results by yourself using our demo:

PortfolioSistemas General 20220731 EN web

6 reviews for TALOS NAS (NASDAQ)

  1. DV (propietario verificado)

    I have been a client of this provider for more than a year with several of their system.
    I decided to pick the one that seems to be the most promising, and I ran it live nonstop from April 2022 to Mid-November 2022. In contrast to what the provider claims, the results have been average, and I’m a bit disappointed.

    Profit for the 7 months has been 571 euros. Do your math, but depending on how much you pay to run the system, it may just be profitable.

    I run the system with a size of 0.5 which, of course, is small. Running the same system with bigger size would make the system more profitable, but this comes with a drawback that is not compatible with my trading style. 

    The reason for this is that the % of winning trades is high, but winners are often small, e.g. between 10 and 50 euros. Then a loss arises of 100 euros or more. Which means that often 3 winners are needed just to compensate the last loss.

    On the positive side, the provider is very responsive and open to comments and questions. This is highly appreciated.

  2. magnus.malmnas (propietario verificado)

    One of the best out there in this environment.

  3. patrik.persson22 (propietario verificado)

    Its reliable, it works very good and they have a discord channel its very professional. If you new guy like me start with this one. its making money.

  4. Remy (propietario verificado)

    After 3 weeks of running this algo, the annual subscription has already been paid back and from now on it’s pure profits. Support is also highly appreciated: you are never left alone with your doubts and your algo and you can ask any question you want.

  5. mlloydprice (propietario verificado)

    I have been running this since September 2021 and it has consistently performed well. This is the only commercial algo I currently run having been stung by other algos.

    Highly recommend it… running at 2 GBP per point has won 3000 GBP in less than 2 months (19-Apr-2022 to 10-June-2022).

  6. p.guedj (propietario verificado)

    I started using Talos NAS since 06/22/2021, it is now 08/26/2021 and already 1150 profit points. This algorithm is very promising with a very controlled drawdown.

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