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Dear customer,


You will find in this toolkit my definitive synthesis of ten years of experiments, mathematical ruminations and practical applications in the field of non-stationary time series analysis and forecasting, and more specifically, their application to trading.

This set of tools bridges the gap between descriptive statistics, robust statistics and the most recent techniques in digital signal processing.


In this bundle, you will find the first four moments of descriptive statistics:


The original spirit of the definitions of these moments has been preserved, while bringing new computational methods, derived from digital signal processing, in order to improve their application to time series.


These four basic metrics allow you to build any trading system specifically tailored to your needs. They accurately and intuitively reflect the four fundamental dimensions of price movement.

In fact, I honestly believe that most indicators are only approximations (or worse, distortions) of these four fundamental metrics.


In order to build your own tailor-made system, I advise you to start with the default settings for CB, CUO and CTCI and select a few time horizons for CF that fit your style and time horizon.

While these tools can be used individually, they are designed to be used in synergy, and I encourage you to do the same.


I hope you will enjoy using these tools as much as I enjoyed designing them.


I wish you a successful trading.




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