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What is RoboTrade and how can it helps you?

  • No more complex settings to find the best ones for the current market or timeframe, it finds them for you!
  • The indicator automatically calculate the best settings to maximize your profit
  • Compatible with all instruments and all timeframes available in ProRealTime
  • Detect market changes and recalculate the best settings only when it is necessary
  • Plots takeprofit levels on the chart
  • We offer for free the Robotrade screener once you have bought this product.
  • We offer for free the Robotrade MTF indicator once you have bought this product.

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RoboTrade, is an indicator that embed an Artificial Intelligence, able to adapt the settings of the trend indicator to the current instrument, to maximize your profits.

The indicator automatically finds and select the settings by evaluating the highest attainable profit, thanks to its auto-optimization algorithm. So you are always sure to use the best settings at the right moment.

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🇪🇸 Spanish video: RoboTrade: el indicador de señales de trading para ProRealTime

🇮🇹 Italian video: RoboTrade – L’indicatore dei segnali di trading per ProRealTime




RoboTrade is an auto-optimization algorithm to define the best settings, once these are determined the user can switch to this best setting to get it fixed.

This work exactly the same as doing a strategy optimization, but included in a trend indicator!

Due to its continuous self-optimization, the values of the indicator could change with each new candle, since each candle is new data that the algorithm will consider in its analysis.

To keep the parameters detected by the RoboTrade optimization, switch to “fixed period” mode and choose the period that the robot will have detected for you.
When you are not in position anymore, restart the RoboTrade optimization by unchecking “fixed period” and so on 🙂

The robot recalculates the best setting for each new candle. if the “best period” detected satisfies you, you can stop the automatic optimization, setting the variables “SetFixedPeriod” and “FixedPeriod” with the same value indicated with “Best Period” which appears if you select “ShowInfo” on the interface, while the auto optimization is working.


Channel levels are Fibonacci retracements, they are useful for estimating the size of volatility




To set alert use “FixedPeriod”




User’s Interface:



  1. TargetProfitFactor: Increase distance of takeprofit (Mode 1. below)
  2. TargetProfitOption: 
    1. Mode: Use takeprofit based on ATR * TargetProfitFactor
    2. Mode: Use takeprofit at trend change only
  3. MinOptimizedPeriod: Minimum period for the optimization the Robot will perform
  4. MaxOptimizedPeriod: Maximum period for the optimization the Robot will perform
  5. SetFixedPeriod: Set the period of the Robotrade (Turn off the auto-optimization)
  6. FixedPeriod: Period of the Robotrade
  7. IntradayHistory: It optimized only in intraday history
  8. MaxHistory:Historical bars that the Robot uses for optimization
  9. ShowInfo: It plots on the last candle the PnL (Profit and Loss) of the Robot for the best setting found
  10. ShowHitTarget: Show visually when takeprofit have been achieved (see image “Hit target ” below)
  11. Matype: Choose the type of moving average used for the calculation of the trend algorithm
  12. Applicate to: MaType applicate to: Open, Close, Max, Min, Typical, Weighted, Average, Total
  13. Output: Value of the trend line
  14. Output: Signal value of the trend (1 or -1)
  15. View: This variable set opacity of the channel. Value = 0 hidden channel, Value >0 set opacity.




About me:

Hello, my name is Alessandro, I’m an energy market professional with a passion for trading and programming. I’ve been in the trading sector for 16 years now.


I’ve been working as a ProRealTime programmer for 7 years and as a professional energy trader for the past 5 years. I specialize in analyzing a wide range of fundamental variables, including weather, supply and demand, flows, outages, and the natural gas balance in European countries.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve managed a portfolio of around €3 million in the carbon emissions market, and I’m proud to say that my cumulative profit is certified at €1.722.000. I hope that you will have as much success in trading, as I have now.

In addition, my trading tools are among the most sought-after on the ProRealCode Marketplace website, consistently receiving the best ratings from our satisfied customers.


I’m always keen to answer your questions, and assist you through the process of installation or use of my products, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

13 reviews for 🤖 RoboTrade, Trend Indicator Powered with Artificial Intelligence

  1. franco.martini (verified owner)

    An indicator that I am learning to use and appreciate. Very useful in defined trends. It has a very high success rate. Thank you

  2. craig guthrie (verified owner)

    Excellent indicator that really helps to map out future market moves, across different instruments and timeframes. The MTF add on is hugely useful too in order to find swing trades. I would be lost without Robotrade now! And fantastic support too…

  3. marino bernacchi (verified owner)

    Gli indicatori creati da Alessandro sono meravigliosi. RoboTrade arricchito del MTF è geniale. Lo uso da molto tempo, ho aspettato a pubblicare questa recensione perchè non volevo dare false aspettative. I Parametri sono personalizzabili al massimo e si può adattare al proprio modo di fare trading per migliorarlo, oppure si può creare una strategia puramente seguendo l’indicatore. Lo uso sul Forex ma l’ho provato anche sugli indici e sull’azionario e va benissimo. Alessandro è preparato, disponibile ed attento ad eventuali esigenze, richieste e personalizzazioni. Complimenti.

    The indicators created by Alessandro are wonderful. MTF enriched RoboTrade is brilliant. I’ve been using it for a long time, I waited to post this review because I didn’t want to give false expectations. The Parameters are fully customizable and you can adapt to your way of trading to improve it, or you can create a strategy purely by following the indicator. I use it on Forex but I’ve also tried it on indices and stocks and it’s great. Alessandro is prepared, available and attentive to any needs, requests and customizations. Compliments.

  4. Pierre-Yves DUHOT (verified owner)

    Clearly the best tool I have ever tried! Amazing and really useful predictive feature for day trading or swing trading on Nasdaq. The hotline is also responsive and helpful in getting an accurate adjustment. I will purchase another license for a second PRT account, as it is refunded upon the 1rst successful trade !
    5 star indicator deserved !

  5. Luca Castiglione (verified owner)

    ottimo indicatore
    lo uso da diverso tempo e facilita molto il mio modo di fare trading sia per l’intraday che per il breve termine
    adatto per i piu’ esperti ma anche per chi e’ alle prime armi

  6. fredrik.dahlander (verified owner)

    Easy to get going and works great

  7. Olivier Guyon (verified owner)

    Très bon indicateur mais manque un screener pour balayer les opportunités …donc perte de temps et d’opportunités. C’est dommage car je ne suis pas le seul à m’en plaindre et aucun update en vue de la part des concepteurs ?!

  8. stefan (verified owner)

    Perfect indicator for better descisions when trading!Very easy configurations!

  9. Pier Gottardello (verified owner)

    Indicatore molto utile, occorre impostare un settaggio in base alle caratteristiche personali oppure lasciare quelle di default. Da un backtest vedo che sul 5 min ha funzionato discretamente bene, Uno strumento in piu per prendere le giuste decisioni.

  10. Roland KRIEGEL (verified owner)

    Indicateur installé sur les actions et les indices. Un outil puissant, précis qui nous permet également de paramétrer au moins les calculs. Formidable travail de codage qui permet d’être au plus prêt de l’action. Heureux d’avoir franchi le pas.

  11. JtH (verified owner)

    Great indicator. Find the best period for your market, fix the period, and trade away!

  12. Norbert Schinkitz (verified owner)

    Der Indikator ist perfekt für ein Trading Signal, man sollte aber trotzdem mehrere Faktoren mit in Betracht ziehen, um die Entscheidung für den Handel zu festigen. Ich hoffe, es kommt bald ein Screener dafür raus. Auf jeden Fall gute Arbeit.

  13. Antoine Le Corre (verified owner)

    Very great indicator ! With take profit clearly showned it’s made decisions a lot easier !

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