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What is RoboTrade screener and how can it helps you?

It detects the trend changes of the Robotrade indicator

Time Frame available in ProScreener:

  • Minute: 1 – 5 – 10 – 15 – 30
  • Hours: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual

What is RoboTrade and how can it helps you?

  • No more complex settings to find the best ones for the current market or timeframe, it finds them for you!
  • The indicator automatically calculate the best settings to maximize your profit
  • Compatible with all instruments and all timeframes available in ProRealTime
  • Detect market changes and recalculate the best settings only when it is necessary
  • Plots takeprofit levels on the chart
  • Work in all timeframes and in all market instruments
  • You get the Robotrade indicator for free on purchase of this product.
  • You get the Robotrade MTF indicator for free on purchase of this product.




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With this screener, you will be able to detect the reversal signal of the Robotrade indicator, which occurs in the markets and time frame selected:


In the picture below the reverting signal of the trend in real time:

It’s very simple to use screener and hundreds of signals can be detected at any one time.




  1. TargetProfitFactor: Increase distance of takeprofit (Mode 1. below)
  2. TargetProfitOption: 
    1. Mode: Use takeprofit based on ATR * TargetProfitFactor
    2. Mode: Use takeprofit at trend change only
  3. MinOptimizedPeriod: Minimum period for the optimization the Robot will perform
  4. MaxOptimizedPeriod: Maximum period for the optimization the Robot will perform
  5. SetFixedPeriod: Set the period of the Robotrade (Turn off the auto-optimization)
  6. FixedPeriod: Period of the Robotrade
  7. IntradayHistory: It optimized only in intraday history
  8. MaxHistory:Historical bars that the Robot uses for optimization
  9. ShowInfo: It plots on the last candle the PnL (Profit and Loss) of the Robot for the best setting found
  10. ShowHitTarget: Show visually when takeprofit have been achieved (see image “Hit target ” below)
  11. Matype: Choose the type of moving average used for the calculation of the trend algorithm
  12. View: This variable set opacity of the channel. Value = 0 hidden channel, Value >0 set opacity.




To find more information on ProScreener application of ProRealtime trading platform you can see the ProRealTIme manual and video:

📖 https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/run-a-market-scan 📖




Advantages of using the Robotrade Screener:

  • Save time to search new trend start
  • Work in all timeframes and in all market instruments
  • We offer for free the Robotrade indicator once you have bought this product.
  • We offer for free the Robotrade MTF indicator once you have bought this product.


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