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Identify trend changes for different types of trading and on all types of instruments

With this indicator, you will be able to detect the best trend depending of your type of trading. It can be used with all instruments and all timeframes.

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What is TRENDFORCE indicator?

TrendForce is an unbounded oscillator based only on price indications. It will allow you to identify areas of weakness and strength on a trend.

The principle is simple:

– Signal > 0: high probability of Bull trend

– Signal < 0: high probability of Bear trend


How to use it ?

To use this indicator, you have two parameters to set:

– FORCE: this parameter adjusts the force of the signal. The higher the setting, the stronger the signal will be.

– SMOOTH: you can smooth the signal to erase the noise. The higher this parameter is, the less noise there is.


Why TRENDFORCE is an efficient indicator?

Below are examples of simple strategies with no optimization using this indicator.

Watch the results.

Example : NASDAQ / Timeframe 15 Minutes

Source code:Strategie Code 2 1

Result:Strategie statistique 2 1

Graph:Strategie graphe 2 1


Example : CAC40 / Timeframe 15 Minutes

Source code:Code




Example : S&P 500 / Timeframe 15 Minutes

Source code:





Example : DOW JONES 30 / Timeframe 15 Minutes

Source code:Code 2

Result:statistique 2

Graph:Graphe 1



Important : Because it is a new indicator, please note that products “Trend by Trend for CAC40” and “Trend by Trend for DAX40” are not using it.


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