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Unlock Your Profit Potential: Discover our Ultimate Price Range and Trend Indicator. Harness the Power of Trend Following and Breakout Strategies. Elevate Your Trading Game Today!

Plug it on your favorite asset and sharpen your entries and exits to maximize your profits and minimize your risk.


Check also TrendDECODER Screener to select the best assets in the exact configuration you want to trade: New bullish/bearish Trend, Breakout of a bullish/bearish RealTime TrendLine, GreyBox appearance during a bullish/bearish Trend.


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What is it about ?


The TrendDECODER is a concentrate of multiple innovations to make Trend following simple and easy. We have decoded the specific moves behind its multiple configurations.


  • With the Projective TrendLine© – see before it happens the direction and the possible angle of the Trend with its probable range.


  • With the RealTime TrendLine© vs the Projective TrendLine© – adjust immediately if the market accelerates North or South.


  • With the RealTime TrendLine Crossing© – detect at the earliest the moment the Trend gets out of track, to get out of the train.


  • With the GreyBox© – identify when the market gets out of the Trend with a new sequence of transition. Check if the market is in Range, Continuation or Reversal (Up or Down) and wait for the closing of the box to get the Trend signal.


  • With the DecoderSignals© & Blue/Orange Clouds© – once the GreyBox has delivered its message, get the new direction of the Trend and see the probable zones of pull backs during the current direction.


Upgrade #3: Now including Fibonnaci Levels

  •  With the FiboLevels© – spot immediately which price levels the market will test.






For which asset?


TrendDECODER and its Screener are universal and work fine on all assets and all time-frames;

though, always work on a multi-timeframe environment to minimize risk;


Why we made these innovations?


Because the Trend indicators that we have found on the market lag a lot and do not clearly identify a trading reality: most of the time the price is not trending! 
So you need to identify these moments, either to trade them accordingly in a “Range trading” strategy or to avoid them in order to be ready to jump in the train when this transitional sequence is finished.

Anyway we need much more powerful tools than Supertrend or a couple of moving averages crossings to get this done.

This is the core-concept of TrendDECODER.



How does it work and how to trade with TrendDECODER?


Blue/Orange Clouds©

  • The Blue/Orange Clouds are a proprietary synthesis of Price Action and Volume Exchange in real time.


Projective TrendLine©

  • As soon as a new high or a new low has been reached during the last move, the TrendDECODER traces a possible angle of the future movement based on the pace of the last one in the same direction.


  • The distance between the Projective TrendLine and the Last Lowest (resp. Highest) gives you a possible bottom (resp. top) of the price range.


RealTime TrendLine©

  • As soon as the Decoder GreyBox© has delivered its information i.e Range/Continuation/ReversalUp/ReversalDown and that a New High (resp. New Low) has been reached, the RealTime TrendLine© starts to show the pace and the angle of the new movement.


  • The angles of the Projective and the RealTime TrendLine can be identical, telling you that the market moves smoothly in a global consensus. It can be a smart Trailing Stop Loss.


  • Or these angles can be very different and it will call your maximum attention. You might want to switch to a superior timeframe to get the bigger picture.






  • Once a new Trend is signaled, the levels of Fibonnaci are automatically placed


  • They are calculated on the last Highest and Lowest of the former movement



Strategy #1: Early Trend following : RealTime TrendLine Crossing©  

  • With this simple tool, get a very early signal of a probable inversion of the current Trend, way before the Decoder Signal is shown, once confirmed by the GreyBox.



Strategy #1: Early Trend following – Checklist


  •      Set a Multi Time Frame environment
  • Check that the Main Time Frame and the Upper Time Frame are moving in the same direction (Up or Down)
  • Entry:
    • Main Time Frame: wait for the opening of the GreyBox
    • Lower Time Frame: place your entry when a « TrendUp Signal » / « TrendDown Signal » has appeared
  • First Stop Loss: 
    • Main Time Frame: place your SL under the lowerborder of the GreyBox
  • Trailing Stop:
    • Move your SL just under the lowest border of the Blue Cloud (TrendUp) or the highest border of the Orange Cloud (TrendDown)
  • TakeProfits
    • In a TrendUp, place your take profits just under the FibosLevels in order not to get exited (and above in a TrendDown)


Check our TradeMANAGER for Swing Traders and TradeMANAGER for Day Traders to automate and secure your trades: SL, BreakEven, TP1/TP2/TP3, Trailing and partial close.



Strategy #2: Trend Following : DecoderSignals© & Blue/Orange Clouds©  >>  

  • This is the moment we have been waiting for. The GreyBox has given the next probable movement and the Trend in on. The RealTime TrendLine guides us on the pace of this movement and the Blue/Orange Cloud figures the support/resistance of this movement.


  • It will be wise not to jump immediately in the Trend as the signal appears as the price will very probably make a pullback in direction of the cloud first.




Strategy #2: Trend Following – Checklist

  • Set a Multi Time Frame environment
  • Check that the Main Time Frame and the Upper Time Frame are moving in the same direction (Up or Down)
  • Main Time Frame:
    • check the appearance of the « TrendUp Signal » or the « TrendDown Signal »
  • Entry:
    • buying « at Market » immediately at « TrendUp Signal » is quite risky as many times the price will pull back near the Blue Cloud (TrendUp) or reverse up near the Orange Cloud (TrendDown)
    • a good option is to buy 1/2 the position at market on signal and 1/2 after the pull back 
  • First Stop Loss: place your SL under the lower border of the GreyBox (for an expected TrendUp) or the higher border (for an expected TrendDown)
  • Trailing Stop: just under the lowest border of the Blue Cloud (TrendUp) or the highest border of the Orange Cloud (TrendDown)
  • TakeProfits : in a TrendUP, place your take profits just under the FibosLevels in order not to get exited (and above in a TrendDOWN)


Check our TradeMANAGER for Swing Traders and TradeMANAGER for Day Traders to automate and secure your trades: SL, BreakEven, TP1/TP2/TP3, Trailing and partial close.


Here is an example of such a strategy with a TrailingStop:


How to trade with TrendDECODER html ef74c57b30a04a97




Strategy #3: Range Trading : GreyBox© 

  • The GreyBox concept is based on a proprietary stochastic algorithm. It enables TrendDECODER to detect the next probable price movement once the box is “closed”, establishing a new signal.


  • Be patient enough to let the box give its verdict! Or trade it accordingly in a Range Trading strategy!



Strategy #3: Range Trading – Check List

  • Set a Multi Time Frame environment


  • Entry:
    • Main Time Frame: buy when the Stochastic in the Grey Box is in “oversold” zone / sell when it is in “overbought”
    • For better entries place your entry when a « TrendUp Signal » / « TrendDown Signal » has appeared on Lower Time Frame


  • First Stop Loss: place your SL under the lower border of the GreyBox (for an expected TrendUp) or higher border (for an expected TrendDown)


  • Exits / Take Profit:
    • sell at the perfect timing when the Stochastic in the Grey Box is in “overbought” zone / exit short when it is in “oversold”


Check our TradeMANAGER for Swing Traders and TradeMANAGER for Day Traders to automate and secure your trades: SL, BreakEven, TP1/TP2/TP3, Trailing and partial close.




Well, basically you do not have to do anything !

But here are some adjustments you can take to make TrendDECODER perfectly yours:











* Offer valid for non-professional investors who do not yet have a ProRealTime Trading account, and for all new ProRealTime Trading accounts opened with Interactive Brokers or SaxoBank Denmark.


38 reviews for TrendDECODER – Lifetime license > > > > > > > > > đŸ„‡ N°1 Best-Reviewed

  1. John Hunter (verified owner)

    I used this for some time before I left the platform. It worked well and I was very pleased with it. I am now back on the platform and will be using this indicator again and looking forward to some more success.


  2. franck giovannangeli (verified owner)

    VoilĂ  un indicateur qui vaut son prix !!! Cet indicateur est juste top. Si on l’utilise comme prĂ©conisĂ© par son concepteur, il n’y a aucune raison que cela ne fonctionne pas. Personnellement, je trade avec des UT M1/M5/M15 et aucun souci. Si l’on a affaire Ă  un “faux dĂ©part”, on le voit de suite et l’on peut rapidement couper sa position. D’un point de vue personnel, je rentre sur des signaux prĂ©coces car les signaux de l’indicateur sur le M1 sont un peu tardifs pour moi. Je ne parle mĂȘme pas du concepteur, trĂšs rĂ©actif et a l’Ă©coute.
    Donc rien Ă  redire, je recommande cet indicateur sans souci.

  3. Jérémy CHENEL (verified owner)

    Excellent indicateur permettant de mieux identifier les différentes zones, incertitude, retournement, continuation, etc

  4. berlin77 (verified owner)

    This is one of the best indicators for day trading that pair perfectly with the other indicators from this seller. A must-have set for a beginner trader. Worth every penny. Perfect product! Five Stars!

  5. nicolasjeannerose (verified owner)

    Indicateur trÚs intéressant. Rentabilisé en 1 journée. Juste parfait.

  6. Frederic Dinane (verified owner)

    indicateur génial, pour les entrées et les sorties, surtout pour les débutants comme moi.
    Au top.

  7. lucas75trade (verified owner)

    Tout simplement le meilleur indicateur pour le suivi de tendance et surtout le seul a prendre en compte ces phases d’hĂ©sitations du marchĂ© que sont les ranges.

  8. Fabio Russi (verified owner)

    Non sono alle prime armi nel trading, avevo bisogno di un indicatore che mi supportasse velocemente per indicarmi la direzione del trend. Posso dire con certezza che questo indicatore ù fenomenale in tutti i suoi aspetti, ù rapido e intuitivo, con un minimo di esperienza si possono ottenere ottimi risultati, l’importante ù seguire le indicazioni date dall’ideatore. Cinque stelle meritatissime.

  9. tavallart (verified owner)

    High-performance indicator and great professionalism from the seller. I highly recommend it!

  10. chen7891 (verified owner)

    Great job, it is a perfect indicator, complemented with a basic knowledge of candlestick patterns and momentum indicators, allows you to see a very precise trend.

  11. José Luis Martín (verified owner)

    Desde que empecĂ© a utilizar el TrendDecoder Screener, mi experiencia de trading ha mejorado exponencialmente. Este indicador de trading ha demostrado ser una herramienta potente, versĂĄtil y extremadamente Ăștil para detectar las tendencias del mercado. Su alto nivel de eficacia y precisiĂłn se ha convertido en un recurso indispensable para mi estrategia de trading.

  12. English

    gerard adolphe (verified owner)



  13. English

    orin63 (verified owner)


    After mistakenly activating my license on Prorealtime in demo mode, I could no longer activate my license on my real account. The after-sales service was very reactive, on a Sunday 🙂 to correct this problem. The team is top notch and really helped me out.

  14. carlo.155 (verified owner)

    Very helpful indicator. Used in conjunction with the screener in identifying the entry price it offers really positive results. After a couple of days of testing to understand its potential, I was able to optimize the inputs in my strategy. 5stars deserved. Support is responsive in WApp and very timely. Kudos!

  15. English

    Olivier Boucher (verified owner)


    A perfect, precise, high-performance indicator; I use it mainly for day trading. It allows immediate reading at 1st glance. Very easy to use and install. It instantly identifies range zones, thus avoiding false starts in the trend, de facto lowering the stress factor. It can also be used to track a trend over several time units, thanks in particular to the trend lines. The team…? is top-notch, attentive and responsive, their aim being to ensure that you perform as well as possible with their indicator and expert advice. The next step will undoubtedly be the Trend Manager! A big Bravo Christophe and thanks again

  16. Hey (verified owner)

    I bought this indicator reading the description and the reviews. I started to use it and it is a very good indicator. It is easy to use, dynamic, it helps to detect the new trends, the continuation patterns in a multi timeframe context.

  17. English

    olivier MELIX (verified owner)


    hello I bought this trend indicator which is really an excellent tool for positioning yourself to buy and follow this trend over all time units, well done to the designer for having developed a tool like this for us!

  18. Yaseen Abbas (verified owner)

    This product is amazing one of the best indicator for trend trading customer services A+ the owner is very helpful in answering any questions that you may have Guys if you are trend traders then this indicator is must

  19. English

    Roland KRIEGEL (verified owner)


    The perfect indicator. Impressive visual readout at first glance. Very easy to use, as is installation and handling. A good reading of the instructions is a must 5 STARS without any problem.

  20. English

    seb.speculos (verified owner)


    Impressive indicator, very easy to use and visible reading. I recommend it and the team is very responsive and professional.

  21. fredrik.dahlander (verified owner)

    Great work, making decisions easier and more confident to follow the trend.

  22. Co_111 (verified owner)

    Good tool, I took the daily license before finalizing my purchase on the lifetime license and I’m very happy with it!

  23. ALLOUCHE LEO (verified owner)

    one of the best indicators on the platform! i recommend it!

  24. glemarhadour (verified owner)

    one of the best indicators I’ve seen, predictive, this one can work on all TimeFrame, I prefer a TM of 1H or 2H, and especially on all values. Truly exceptional

  25. Olav Lindgaard (verified owner)

    This indicator make me to a better trader. It’s a must.
    Thanks Chris!

  26. tuanua degage (verified owner)

    Great Product, can’t trade without using it anymore

  27. Joseph Prichard (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer support and a great product. Really fine tuning my trading and giving me the confidence to go with the trends.


  28. marcepdi (verified owner)

    This indicator is a must. Very reliable and makes my life easier.

  29. PenserArnaud (verified owner)

    Hello everyone,
    I tested this indicator during the one week trial period
    I was immediately impressed by the readability, clarity and responsiveness of this trend indicator
    It is very easy to use, very clear, responsive and almost predictive.
    Once you have displayed the 3 time units on which you want to trade, it becomes child’s play and the continuation, reverse and range boxes are very effective.
    It can be used on all stocks, forex, shares, futures and in all time units
    The principle described by its creator really works, it gives confidence and allows to stay in the trend.
    And the most important : It allows you to set your stops !!!
    I already own 2 trend indicators bought on this site and I decided to buy TrendDecoder because for me it is by far the best !!!
    The 2 others for one really only works for the long term and without shortening and the other one is less readable and less reactive even by changing the parameters.
    After this one week test, I had the feeling that it was Christmas before time !
    I knew what was inside the package but I have so often dreamed of an indicator like this that !

    I bought it directly !

    and I’m sure it will be refunded very soon…
    It is just perfect and I exchanged with its creator who is clear, available, precise and reactive like his indicator!

    Thanks Chris!

  30. richardcansell (verified owner)

    I was looking for an indicator that would get me into the trend quicker and hold onto the winning positions for longer. Also to help me to cut the losing trades as soon as possible.
    TrendDecoder not only looks good, but it does exactly what I was hoping for and have already made the cost of the indicator back.
    Great Customer Service as well.
    Thank you!!!

  31. English

    Philippe petit (verified owner)


    This is a comprehensive indicator that gives buy signals. Its box system makes it easy to spot ranges and avoid getting caught in them. I find it more effective for swing trading than for very short-term trading, but that’s just my opinion.

  32. English

    angel.jimenezmorillo (verified owner)


    Hello to all. It seems to me a very complete indicator. Very interesting the formation of the Greybox to analyze if the trend continues or there is price reversal. Let’s say that provides clean information without the noise of the market. Even for those who practice scalping, they will find very useful the break of the trend line that the indicator marks it automatically. Same opinion for lower timeframes (1m, 5m). It complements perfectly with other indicators. Angel

  33. cris.colosio (verified owner)

    I must say that I can no longer do without this system. I trade only sp500, from 10 ticks to 5 minutes. I needed a clean and precise system. this is a killer ….
    try it, you will see that it is very simple. tells you everything you need to make safe trades.

  34. English

    Demand (verified owner)


    It’s a visual indicator that simplifies the decision-making process and makes it easier to identify different tempos. Only recently tested, I’m already finding it very useful.

  35. Beaky (verified owner)

    Very good trend/momentum indicator that is great visual aid to keep you in a trade. There are a few unique features that I am still researching but I am very happy so far!!

  36. CryptomanMP (verified owner)

    The first indicator that really made me stop loosing money by being late or too early in swing trading 

    Great job! Émotions mastered 🙂
    The Customer Service is also great as I had purchased the indicator and the screener and they refund me the indicator as it is given in the screener ^^

  37. English

    rbarrueco (verified owner)


    I’ve bought a lot of trend indicators ^^^ But this one is ultra powerful with trend lines and range detection; it helps me to be less impulsive and it’s really a plus” I can clearly see the phases under different timeframes and it makes situations much clearer. I had a doubt during installation and the after-sales service was top notch.

  38. cg938548 (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this indicator since yesterday evening at the forex opening and this morning on the DAX40.
    I started using it yesterday evening at the forex opening and this morning on the DAX40. I have already made the purchase profitable with trades on trendlines and greyboxes.
    The indicator is great, I have rarely seen anything as effective (despite numerous tests with other products), I use it in ticks but seems equally effective in all timeframes. good job!

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