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COMPLETE STRATEGY PACK, with a main indicator, in 5 minutes unit showing the different trends, 3 signal PROSCREENER and the complete strategy.

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First of all the Trend and signal indicator,

The settings must be made according to Annex 1 and must be used on a unit of time in 5min

Filling as in annex 2 (the filling at the bottom right is black)



We get Annex   3


Ok it’s very colorful 😉 but already we can see some trends

The first dark and black zone is when we are under Ts in light green day above the Ts day

Annex  4


Thick line blue above the Ts in 30 min, orange below the Ts in 30 min

Annex  5


Dot red and green Ts 15min

We have our blue cloud and our red cloud

And to finish our parabolic sar in blue and red


Description practical case Annex   6



We are bullish in bullish day in 30 and 15 min

Bearish red cloud in 5 min but parabolic blue so positive for the moment

Annex  7



About Orpea

Bearish in day, 30min,15 min

Slightly bullish in 5 minutes


Buying signals


Annex 8


The first signal is made at the appearance of the blue cloud it will be confirmed by the 2nd signal in this example we will wait for the passage of the Ts 30 to validate and enter into position (in our strategy no position is taken on the purchase under the Ts30). The limit purchase will be on the 11th on the second candle with a limit purchase on the ts30 at 8.090 stop loss under the cloud that can be raised with the Ts 15.

For the exit of this Trade

Annex 9


We wait

1° either the red cloud to exit part or all of the position

2 ° you stayed, a congestion forms, exit on the base

3° If you were too greedy, exit on Ts 15 knowing that the parabolic turns red and gives a first signal of a future drop

Other cases

Annex 10

Bpost background trend bullish day 1st signal November 10 at 2:25 p.m., 2nd signal passage of the Ts15 but beware we are under the Ts30.


To return, either pay for the passage of the Ts30 (trigger threshold or pay the return on Ts 30 at the stop loss close on Ts15 that we will go up following the Ts 15


To go out either go out on red cloud at 11:30 a.m.

Either stop loss at 5.255 on Ts15


Then we have an upside recovery all timeframes are bullish GREEN cloud but parabolic blue small interesting buy.

Output on red parabolic, red cloud or st15


How to find the values


Either newS, high volatility, bearish or bullish excess, our other screeners when buying Bollinger bubbles, or 3 screeners included in the pack

Ts Signal 1 will give the appearance of the blue cloud only

Ts signal2 gives the values ​​that have just passed the ts30

Ts break dhigh1 gives the values ​​in bullish dynamics


This presentation is not investment advice and only gives an example of the possibilities of use, it is therefore intended for informed people.

Trend Analytica cannot be held responsible for any financial loss due to misuse or non-use of its products.


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Proscreener Bollinger bubble HIGH

PROSCREENER qui détecte les bulles au-dessus des bandes de Bollinger.



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proscreener Bollinger bubble low

PROSCREENER which detects bubbles under bollinger bubbles



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