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The particular point with this system is that it is just a configuration of the SETH CRUDE algo.

Technically, this SETH NAS gets the SETH CRUDE system (that has 4 internal strategies: S1, S2, S3, and S4), disables the S2 completely and the S1 shorts, and voilà. No more changes. The different strategies entries come from years ago in SETH CRUDE, and the position handling behaviour also works nice then….DO NOT TOUCH! With this configuration and using TF 1min, SETH worked awesome in NASDAQ.

When you see the results you will understand why it becomes one of our TOP systems. And because SETH was developed and optimized for CRUDE….that behaviour in NASDAQ can be considered OutOfSample. SETH NAS was simply a hidden gem.

That’s the cause because now SETH CRUDE and SETH NAS became a bundle.  Enjoy 2 great systems at the price of one. 


(!) Check before buy! Download and launch all our systems using our demo (!)

Explore our transparent and always-accessible demo as a validation tool. It even includes all historical versions for comprehensive tracking:


🌟🌟 Hit & run strategy for NASDAQ 🌟🌟


⚠️ All results are shown for 1 simple concurrent position, with 1 fixed contract and 200k candles. What you see is what you get: No short periods shown, no make-up of the DD, and no results showing bars of huge periods that hide big drawdowns.

🏴‍☠️Do you know that most of the systems crash after publishing it? Making a well-looking system can be easy, as far it’s so easy that you fall into the trap of an overfitted system. Sometimes even the provider it’s not aware of it.  Nobody can assure profits, but you can trust us as a provider with more than 3 active years distributing systems.  Our development process is focused on do not overfit, and our updates usually enhance the previous version (while older versions even continue stable and profitable over time)

Any historic result table always shows Out Of Sample periods and real results. Need help understanding the results, the risks or the necessary equity? Do not hesitate to contact us

  • Run and check by yourself the complete statistics in the downloadable demo for backtest
  • You can also join our Discord channel to see all the history, and how we work, ask us something, and see historical results or conversations and doubts with other customers…


You will get also license for each of the product(s) listed below when you purchase:

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—————– DATASHEET ———————————

Strategy type:   Hit & run (find potential signals, launch the position and follow it with a narrow trailing stop and sensitive exit. Around 12h of time in market positions, on average.

Stop Loss: Always. Variable, max 2.5% on high volatility. Usually around 1%

General comments: Reduced time on the market.  The positions for SETH NAS are not as quick as in SETH CRUDE, but at the same time are significantly shorter than in others “more classic” swing strategies.  In that case the number of positions is low, with a really high gain/loss ratio.

Others: Results are shown for 1 fixed contract at 1€ per point. No partial closures or martingales (MM available, but not shown in results). Different configurations are available, as well as visible and non-obfuscated code. Visible headers in ProRealTime screenshots are shown here, distinguishing between backtest, real and demo in each case (avoid screens without headers and quick photoshops 🏴‍☠️)— versioning and results full information in our website and groups, with full tracking.

Extras: Delivered to be used out-of-the-box but configurable for experienced users. Money Management and Drawdown control modules are available.

ADVISE: For CFD, if you recently opened your trading account, you may get an error “trailing stop is not compatible with your account” when launching any system. That’s because you have a “limited risk” account. Please contact your broker’s support, preferably by phone, requesting to unblock your account. The problem will disappear after unblock your account and restart ProRealTime.



Interested in trading other NASDAQ systems?  Take a look at our NASDAQ PACK



1 fixed contract. Spread 2. 200k candles.


1 fixed contract. Spread 2. HISTORIC mode with 1M candles (ALL HISTORY AVAILABLE)



Results for 2 contracts in real


Remember that this SETH NAS is just SETH CRUDE subset of entries.  All past results can be considered Out Of Sample, as this system was not developed or optimized for NASDAQ.  It’s just a hidden gem discovered.



We do not make-up drawdowns, big gains need drawdowns. Avoid magic systems and ratios, don’t be fooled. Our results show always results in Out Of Sample considering always the publication date of each version. Some studies or comparisons could use the last version, but we do not make-up past results with the new versions or optimizations, our official results tables and publications always show the real results)

All our algos have a max 2% Stop Loss (or less), a money management system and a configurable drawdown limit to protect capital in the worst of cases.  All images show results with 1 contract configuration.


This algo is delivered to be used “out-of-the-box”, not recommended any change even in changing circumstances. Let us do the best for you, if the strategy has to be updated, we will do it after the corresponding study and period in real in our accounts before distributing it

With this product license, we offer access to all updates of this strategy and customer support during the license period.  You can participate in our support groups, and we can offer to you recommendations about configuration and reinvestment modules, system selection, drawdown and recommended equity…. even portfolio suggestions and coexistence with other systems.


New 2024 Prices! We have significantly reduced prices in 2024, so don’t expect further offers as we will not be reducing prices further this year.

n       –> Update as of March 2024: The SETH NAS and PLUG NIKKEI systems have been included, leading to an increase in the price of the TOTAL PACK. (Previous owners of the TOTAL PACK received these systems at no additional cost)


Take a look at our complete portfolio.  Stable and reliable systems for all kinds of market circumstances.  You can backtest and verify the latest results by yourself using our free and public demo:


Not CFD account? Looking for an algo for ProRealTime + Interactive Brokers? 

Let’s take a look at our specific vendor IBKR AutoTrading


We distribute our systems as CFD AutoTrading for CFD accounts, and as IBKR AutoTrading for ProRealTime + Interactive Brokers

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