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Scan the market for stocks evolving in a range.

Works on timeframe daily and higher.

Many ajustable parameters are available without modifying the code, so you can adjust the screening to your criteria.

Range Indicator included

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This screener scans the market to find stocks evolving in a range. The indicator wich displays the range detected on charts is included with this screener.
Works on daily and higher timeframes.

Range Indicator included

Depending on everyone criteria, as well as the timeframe used, many parameters are adjustable to allow everyone to have the tool that suits them, and this without having to modify any line of code.

To adjust screener parameters, simply open the Variables 🔧 menu  :

The values shown above are given, as examples and do not constitute an optimal or recommended setting, everyone should find his own settings.


A first general filtering of stocks is carried out on the Daily time frame according to 2 criterias :

  • minimum stock price (for those who do not wish to have a penny in the results for example)
  • minimum average volume (expressed in number of transactions or capital exchanged) to have the desired level of liquidity on the stock.


Results are sorted according to the position of the current stock price relative to the Range :

  • 1 = stockprice over the middle of the Range,
  • 2 = stockprice under the middle of the Range,
  • 10 = Stockprice breaking the top of Range,
  • 20 = Stockprice breaking the bottom of Range,

Adjustable validation criteria :

  • Mini height of Range
  • Maxi range outings (false break out)
  • Maxi distance between actual price and bottom / neckline


Available filters :

  • Actual price in the Range
  • Actual price breaking out the Range’s top
  • Actual price breaking out the Range’s bottom
  • Mini 2 tops and 2 bottoms


General filter :

  • Minimum stock price
  • Minimum average volume
  • Average volume expressed in transaction number or in capital exchanged


Characteristics :

  • Works on all TimeFrames
  • ProRealTime V11 and later versions compatible
  • Free ProRealTime (daily closings) compatible
  • Automatic and free updates
  • Range Indicator included


🇫🇷 Range / 🇮🇹 Gamma / 🇩🇪 Bereich / 🇪🇸 Rango


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