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One algo – Four markets

McTavish rides the waves until momentum fades, and takes on trades in both bull and bear markets. Originally developed and optimized for Germany 40 (DAX), it works excellent on several markets and timeframes with just a tweak of the stop loss. This proves the robustness of the system and lets you create a portfolio with one single strategy.

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The performance boards were last updated 2024-04-01.

Some questions that might pop up:
Q: If I only get one file, how do I use it for different markets?
A: Simply by changing a number in the strategy file.

Q: Can I change the size to any number of contracts?
A: Yes.
Q: How much money do I need to use this strategy?
A: Minimum required capital for each contract at IG is 0.5 x market price. I.e. if Germany 40 stands at 18 000, you need €900. I recommend having at least. 1.5 x minimum capital.
Q: Can I use McTavish on any other market than the ones you suggest?
A: Sure, try it out! Do some backtests and see what works. But don’t forget to make a copy of the file if you plan to mess around with the code.
Q: Some of the markets seem to perform even better with another stop loss than what you suggest. Should I change?
A: The pre-defined stop loss settings are optimized from 2016 until 2020/2022. Some markets may have performed better with adjusted an stop loss since then, but in the development of the strategy, that is considered out of sample data and not taken into account. You are of course free to set it anyway you want.

Good luck!
Disclaimer: The past does not say anything about the future. This strategy may perform better or worse than the backtests show. Doji is not responsible for your investments.

1 review for McTAVISH

  1. Patric Sandelin (propietario verificado)

    After using it for 4 months, I can finally give it an honest review.

    I have used quite a few from Marketplace, good and bad, and this one is by far the best one.

    I use it on three of the suggested markets and they work great together as a portfolio. When one takes a small loss, another takes a big win. It gives me great confidence in it and just the way a perfect system should work.

    Thank you for a great working system!

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