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Display Bullish Marubozu and Bearish Morubozu on your charts with green and red arrows.

Works on all timeframes.

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A marubozu / morubozu is a full candle, without any wick. It is a sign of strength, meaning that the entire session has been in the same direction. The trend will be given by the direction of the candle. A marubozu is a bullish candle, if the candle is bearish it is called a morubozu.

The indicator displays on chart bullish Marubozu with a green arrow under the candle and bearish Morubozu with red arrow above the candle.


Works on all timeframes.

Use our Marubozu Screener to find stocks making a bullish or bearish Marubozu.

Many parameters can be adjusted so the display will be as per your own criterias. All settings can be done without modifying the code, in the configuration menu :

Availables criteria :

  • Maximum wicks length,
  • Minimum candle height.


Display options :

  • Bullish Marubozu
  • Bearish Morubozu


Characteristics :

  • Works on all pair of TimeFrames
  • ProRealTime V11 and later versions compatible
  • Free ProRealTime (daily closings) compatible
  • Automatic and free updates


Watch the video user’s guide on our Youtube channel, subtitles available in English :


🇫🇷 Marubozu / 🇮🇹 Marubozu/ 🇩🇪 Marubozu / 🇪🇸 Marubozu




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