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Advantages of using the “Graphic Patterns Scanner”


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Graphic Patterns scanner recognizes ten patterns on the chart, the scanner detects patterns in formation and also completed ones, on six different timeframes, and notify any preferred patterns for any preferred markets in Realtime.

The following video will be updated with the new graphic version of the indicator.

This Scanner meets every need in your daily trading.

While trading on your favorite market, you can detect patterns on higher timeframes as well. With the ProRealTime alert application, you can configure other markets and timeframes and be notified if a certain pattern occurs on a certain market and timeframe. You can configure as many alarms as you want and multiply your opportunities in your daily trading.

  •  Detect the patterns being formed
  •  Detect the completed patterns
  •  Detect the patterns on multiple time frames simultaneously
  •  Customized alarm configuration:
    •  Select the market
    •  Select the timeframe
    •  Select the pattern
    •  Select the completed pattern
    •  Select the direction of the pattern

With “Graphic patterns scanner”  you can see in which time frame the pattern is occurring, the breakout level and if there was a breakout of the fallowing patterns:

  • Cup with Handle
  • Double Top – Bottom
  • Triple Top – Bottom
  • Head and Shoulders
  • 123 Swing
  • Wolfe Waves
  • ABCD
  • Quasimodo
  • 2B pattern
  • Gratley

Time frames availables :

  • 1 minute
  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 4 hours
  • 1 day

Scanner Details

Indicator and Scanner

The current chart shows the patterns detected by the indicator, the dashboard lets you know which patterns have been detected in the higher time frames. The dashboard is automatically updates at each tick.


You can use alarms to detect patterns occurring simultaneously in other markets.

You can create an alarm for each market by selecting the type of pattern and the timeframe.

For example you can be advise if:

  • a bearish Wolfe Wave is forming
  • on the Nasdaq market
  • for the 1 hour time frame

You can set infinite alarm:

Scanner Interface

The interface has the same commands as the indicator interface, and allows you to enter the same indicator settings to keep the same setting.

  1. Depth: Value of the period, between a new maximum and a new minimum. This variable affects the size of the Pattern
  2. Deviation : It is the maximum of points to discard a new extremum. This variable affects the size of the Pattern.
  3. Backstep : is the maximum of bars to discard a new extremum and replace it, if a new one is found.
  4. Accuracy: It makes it possible to establish the alignment to the theoretical  retracement value of the pattern. You can observe a wide variety of patterns without discarding any possibility, or you can have an opportunity to have filtered too severely. The 80% is the default threshold, but it is up to you to configure this parameter according to your own style!
  5. OblHandle. Enable oblique segment for Cup & Hande BreakOut
  6. Lag: Number of bars to stretch the signal
  7. Opa: To set up opacity
  8. Yset: Move the indicator on the Y axis, (up / down)
  9. Xset: Move the indicator on the X axis, (left/ right)
  10. Zoom: To set up Zoom (Set up dimensions)
  11. White: The rows of the table become white, it is used when the background of the chart has dark colors.



Dashboard function map

In summary all the potential of the scanner:


Advantages of using the “Graphic Patterns Scanner”

2 reviews for Graphic patterns scanner

  1. Norbert Schinkitz (verified owner)

    Perfekt, toller Grafikmusterscanner und passender kostenloser Indikator dazu, diese Kombi ist perfekt für den Tradingalltag. Kundensupport ausgezeichnet und schnell. Werde von Automatic Trading wieder kaufen. Kann man nur empfehlen.

  2. chriskelley123 (verified owner)

    Excellent tool when used in conjunction with the free indicator and running along side the All-in-One Divergences Engine Indicator, from same vendor. Customer support is excellent and rapid. Made costs back already, money well spent. Will buy from again.

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