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Visualize Gaps on your charts.

A lot of options can be switched ON / OFF :

  • how to validate a gap
  • display closed gaps
  • display follows gap filling

As well as adjust the colors independently for bullish and bearish gaps, the transparency.

All of theses settings can be done without using the code.

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This indicator will display Gaps on your charts.

Many settings are available so you’ll have your own indicator, simply use the configuration menu :


  • Availables settings :
  • GapBetweenWicks = displays gaps between candles wicks. Checked = ON / Unchecked = OFF,
  • GapBetweenCandlesBodys = displays gaps between candlesticks bodys. Checked = ON / Unchecked = OFF,
  • GapBetweenCloseAndWick = displays gaps between close and the wick of the next candlestick. Checked = ON / Unchecked = OFF,







  • DisplayClosedGaps = display closed gaps. Checked = ON / Unchecked = OFF,
  • NumberCandlesScanned = number of candlesticks scanned,
  • Border = display border on the gap rectangle. Checked = ON / Unchecked = OFF,
  • BullishGapColorR / BullishGapColorG / BullishGapColorB = bullish gaps color code to modify the display color. RGB table included.
  • BearishGapColorR / BearishGapColorG / BearishGapColorB = bearish gaps color code to modify the display color. RGB table included.
  • GapTransparency = display transparency.
  • GapFillingProgress = the display follows the gap filling progress. The gap displayed corresponds to the part still open. Checked = ON / Unchecked = OFF.




The values shown above are given, as examples and do not constitute an optimal or recommended setting, everyone should find his own settings.

🇫🇷 Gap Indicateur / 🇮🇹 Gap Indicatore / 🇩🇪 Gap Indikatoren / 🇪🇸 Gap Indicador


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