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Black Scholes Merton (BSM with Dividends) Option Pricing Calculators (in EXCEL).

. Available in Excel or Apple Numbers. 36 BSM Calculators in total, in 2 sheets. 18 x BSM Calculators in a Light colour theme (sheet #1) and 18 x BSM Calculators in a Dark Blue theme (sheet #2). The version here is in EXCEL. You can choose which colour theme you prefer to use.

. Accurate Option Pricing (to 2 decimal places) — Check if your Broker is Under and/or Over Pricing Options.

. Implied Volatility Market Move Projections for Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly timeframes.

. 0DTE — Can also calculate Option Premiums for 0 DTE right down to the last minutes left before expiry.

. Expected Market Move: — Each individual Calculator gives the Expected Market Move in Points for whatever time period you set it to, all the way down to minutes.

. Live @Now Pricing — Option Start Dates can be set to live @Now to see Call and Put Option Price changes in Real Time. (Computer CPU power dependent).

. Delta Warning — Red Text Delta Warning for Short Sellers when the OTM (Out the Money) Delta falls below <60%.

. Multi Bank version — There are 3 rows of calculators and 6 per row, making 18 calculators in total per sheet (2 sheets, one light themed, one dark blue themed), saving you re-entering the same data over and over again.

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