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The automatic trading strategy “AlphaTrade_DOW_M30_STR16” refers to the DOW in M30 and has been fine-tuned to increase the profit. The Strategy was developed on the basis of strategies 1 and 2. This reduced the maximum drawdown.

The strategy goes long or short when a strong signal is detected. Using the above strategy, I have developed an optimized algorithm over the last 6 years that adapts according to market conditions. The algorithm contains the most optimal market indicators and ossilations for the DOW. It is not a simple strategy that adjusts depending on the day of the week and time of the day.

The position size adjusts according to the preset capital size. It is automatically calculated before each position opening according to the preset starting capital and the profit/loss of the strategy. Currently, the position size is set with a starting capital of 10,000 EUR and with a fixed risk percentage (0,05% by default) – this corresponds to 5% of the starting capital plus strategy profit/loss. This variable can be adjusted by users as they wish. Of course, the position size can also be set by users with a fixed position size.

When the profit reaches 400 points/points the trailing stop is activated for 90 points/points. In addition, a stop loss is available, this is at 3000 points / points.
So if 1 contract is traded, the trailing stop is activated with a profit of 400 EUR, if the price falls, a profit of 310EUR is realized. However, if the stock market crashes, the position is closed with a loss of 3000 EUR. These values can be changed by the users.

Certainly, the historical performance in backtesting is not a guarantee of success in the future. Since I have achieved a positive effect with this trading system in my trading account, I offer it here. As described above, this algorithm has been further optimized in recent years. Meanwhile, I exclusively use the offered trading system in my private trading account. I maintain this trading system as needed to integrate the current market events (occasionally in each quarter) into the system, so that the system can better react to the future market developments. Of course, I will also make the improvements to my products in the Marketplace.

In any case wish you all a successful trading.

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Below you will find the real evaluations of the last 8 months of the trading strategy on the AlphaTrade_DOW_M30_STR16:

I used the variant AlphaTrade_DOW_30min_STR16 in my trading account (see results below):

29.11.2021 01.04.2022 1


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