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The “SwingTrading Pro” indicator is a valuable tool for traders in the stocks market because it helps them identify potential swing trading opportunities and make more informed and profitable trading decisions. With its advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, the indicator provides accurate and reliable signals that can help traders maximize their profits and minimize their risks. Additionally, the indicator is easy to use and can be customized to fit the specific needs of individual traders. Overall, “SwingTrading Pro” offers a powerful and versatile solution for traders looking to improve their swing trading strategy and achieve success in the stock market.

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The trend detection analysis of the “SwingTrading Pro” indicator is based on a combination of technical indicators, such as moving averages and relative strength index, and market sentiment data, such as volume. The indicator uses this data to generate clear and concise signals that indicate the direction and strength of a trend, as well as potential entry and exit points for trades, thanks to the swing trading lines and the candlesticks colors that identify market sentiment.

In addition to providing trend detection analysis, the “SwingTrading Pro” indicator also offers a range of other useful features, such as customizable alerts (with the help of the alerts tool of ProRealTime), risk management tools (thanks to the risk/reward ratio calculator), and backtesting capabilities (with the help of automatic trading code possible with signals generated by the indicator). This allows traders to tailor the indicator to their specific trading style and needs, and optimize their swing trading strategy for maximum success.

Each scenario is described for you by SwingTrading Pro:
Trend is identified until market make a pause and initiate a pullback, a breakout or a reversal, easy to read price chart for trend followers!

The “SwingTrading Pro” indicator includes a market pause detection feature that helps traders identify times when the market is likely to experience a period of consolidation or indecision. This can be useful for traders looking to manage their risk and avoid entering trades during these periods of reduced market activity.

The market pause detection feature of the “SwingTrading Pro” indicator uses advanced algorithms to analyze real-time market data and identify patterns and trends that may indicate a pause in the market. The indicator is designed to detect a range of different market pause scenarios, including flag and pennant patterns, congestion zones, and other signals of reduced market momentum.

When the “SwingTrading Pro” indicator detects a potential market pause, it generates a clear and concise signal that alerts the trader to the situation. This allows the trader to take appropriate action, such as closing existing positions or avoiding new trades, in order to manage their risk and protect their profits or waiting for a new pullback/throwback/breakout and therefore marking the continuation of the reversal of a trend.


The risk reward ratio is a tool used in financial trading to measure the potential return of a trade relative to the potential risk. In other words, it is a way to compare the potential gains of a trade to the potential losses. The risk reward ratio is expressed as a decimal value, with a higher value indicating a higher potential return and a lower potential risk.

The “SwingTrading Pro” indicator includes a risk reward ratio tool that allows traders to quickly and easily calculate the potential risk reward ratio of a trade. This can be useful for swing traders, who typically hold positions for a short period of time and are looking to maximize their potential returns while minimizing their potential risks.

The “SwingTrading Pro” indicator calculates the potential risk reward ratio of the trade and displays it on the chart. The trader can then use this information to decide whether to enter the trade, adjust the trade parameters, or look for another trade opportunity.


Don’t know what swing trading is? Here are some answers that should help you understand the benefits of this type of trading.

What is swing trading?
Swing trading is a form of trading that involves buying and selling assets over a longer period of time and at a slower pace than day trading. It involves determining entry and exit points using technical analysis tools. The swing trader can stay in a position for a few days, a few weeks or even longer, depending on his or her expectations. Swing trading is an excellent strategy for traders who are looking for short to medium term gains and do not have the time to trade positions every day.

How to swing trade?
Swing trading can be a very lucrative method of trading assets in the financial markets. It is a trading method that aims to profit from short and medium term price movements. Swing traders look for lucrative opportunities in the upward and downward trends of various markets. Once the trader has identified a trend, they can look for appropriate entry and exit points to open and close positions. Swing traders must also consider fundamental and technical factors when making trading decisions. In addition, risk management is an important part of the swing trading strategy.

What are the best time frames for swing trading?
When it comes to swing trading, the best time frames are generally between one and four weeks. A shorter time frame can be used to capture short term movements, but a longer time frame allows traders to follow longer term trends and take higher risks. Traders need to find the time frame that works best for them, as each strategy can work differently depending on the style, frequency and level of risk each trader is willing to take.

What are swing trading ideas?
Swing trading ideas are primarily about looking for short-term trading opportunities over longer periods of time. In swing trading, you are looking to take advantage of longer-term price movements by taking up or down positions in the financial markets. Strategies typically include technical indicators to look for entry and exit points, as well as fundamental indicators to look for more in-depth information about the markets. Swing traders can also take advantage of longer-term price movements by using options, futures and margin to increase their exposure and profit potential.

What are the average odds of swing trading?
Swing trading is a trading strategy that has had a relatively high success rate. The average swing trading score is about 70%, although traders can score higher or lower than that depending on their decision making skills and ability to find profitable opportunities.

Howto use the SwingTrading Pro indicator, when to enter and exit market?

  1. Use the indicator’s signals to identify potential exit points for your trade. The indicator’s algorithms are designed to help traders identify the start and end of a trend, as well as potential reversals and breakouts, allowing them to make more informed and profitable trading decisions.
  2. Consider using take profit and stop loss orders to automatically exit your trade at a predetermined price level. This can help you manage your risk and protect your profits, without having to constantly monitor the market.
  3. Monitor market conditions and news events that may affect your trade. For example, if there is a sudden change in market sentiment or economic data, you may want to consider exiting your trade to avoid potential losses.
  4. Use the risk reward ratio tool to assess the potential risks and rewards of your trade, and determine whether it is still a good opportunity. If the potential rewards no longer outweigh the potential risks, you may want to consider exiting your trade.
  5. Finally, trust your instincts and experience. If you have a feeling that it is time to exit your trade, even if the indicator’s signals do not indicate that, it may be worth considering. The ultimate decision to exit a trade is up to you, and you should always be comfortable and confident in your decision.



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In addition to the special discounted price, buying the “SwingTrading Pro” indicator now also comes with several other benefits. For example, you will be able to start using the indicator right away and start benefiting from its advanced features and analysis. We provide free screeners in order to get signals from the indicator such as New trend change and Market pause / zones of interest, and also a free strategy code example to know how to use the indicator in an automated trading strategy.


5 reviews for SwingTrading Pro

  1. Yaseen Abbas (verified owner)

    I just bought this indicator it is very good and i am very satisfied with it the support from the vendor is next level he answered all of my queries and accurately effeciently if you are serious about trading then this indicator you must have

  2. English

    baki692 (verified owner)


    Serious and very responsive seller. Will help you quickly with any problems relating to the installation and use of his indicator. Ideal for beginners. The SwingTrading Pro is a perfect tool to detect potential entry or exit points. The screeners provide extra comfort. I recommend+++.

  3. Olivier Boucher (verified owner)

    Excellent indicateur qui permet une vision plus claire, et qui se révèle un assistant précieux dans l’aide à la prise de la décision.
    S installe facilement, lecture simple, et construction et affichage en temps réel.
    De plus son concepteur au delà de sa sympathie reste joignable et de très bon conseil.
    Je recommande +++

  4. Peter Nightingale (verified owner)

    I find the Swing Trading Pro an excellent addition to the indicators I use for trading. It gives clear entries and potential targets. Definitely value for money.

  5. jamshidsalimi48 (verified owner)

    I have bought this indicator and I am very satisfied with it and I recommend all traders to get this indicator. In my opinion, the producer is a great scientist.

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