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✔️ Get instantly the strategic Zone touched 3,4 or 5 times that will magnetize the price

✔️ Get automatically the TP1/TP2/TP3 in points or value accordingly to the PowerZONES

✔️ Check visualy the safety of your Risk/Reward ratio


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What is it about ?

With the PowerZones©,  get instantly the zones where the price will probably get attracted to and adapt the level of density and the strength of the Zones you want to have whether you are a scalper a swing trader or an investor.






For who?

Anybody who is serious about trading and who understands that the relevant supports and resistances depends on the TimeFrame you are trading in.


For which assets?

PowerZones is an universal indicator and works fine on all assets and all time-frames.


Power Zones All Asserts



Why we made these innovations?


Because as traders, we needed a tool much more adaptative and precise than the PRT Lines; beside we believe that zones are more relevant than lines in trading; lines can be very subjective (do you draw it on the closing price or the high of the day?) and often the market will play with them to chase the Stops.

So better be above or under a zone if you don’t want to be an easy target.


How does it work?


We innovated on the basic Supports and Resistances concept by adding new features with:

  • zones: that correspond better to real life trading than lines
  • strength: we bring a simple option of how many times the Support/Resistance have been touched in the past
  • density of the Zones: which is the distance you want to have between 2 zones; the higher density, the more zones
  • and lastly for convenience the zones change color depending of their position vs price: they turn red is the price is below them and blue if they are above.


Please note that our product BladeSCALPER contains already the PowerZONES indicator but without the TP option.

PowerZones Blade SCALPER





🎛️ Configuration

Here are some adjustments you can take to make PowerZONES perfectly yours:













* Offer valid for non-professional investors who do not yet have a ProRealTime Trading account, and for all new ProRealTime Trading accounts opened with Interactive Brokers or SaxoBank Denmark.



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