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A pinbar indicator with the possibility of alarm

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a pinbar indicator with the possibility of alarm, applicable to all time frames, to be inserted below the chart. By inserting a line at 0.5 it is possible to obtain an alarm.


DIV – relationship between body and range. By selecting 2 the pinbars with a body of no more than half of the range will be signal, 3 the pinbars with a maximum coverage of 1/3 of the range will be signal. With this parameter we can select the type of pinbar that we want to be signaled by the indicator

PeriodHigh – PeriodLow – distance between minimum and maximum. With this parameter we give the indicator the instruction to report only those pinbars that have at least a certain number of candles between maximum and minimum. For example, if we select 30 the indicator will count a maximum or a minimum that occurred no earlier than 30 candles. This parameter can be different for the maximums and minimums depending on the trend in progress.

MinATR – the pinbar we want to return the signal to us has a range. This parameter allows you to select the minimum atr that the range of the candle must have, in order to highlight interesting pinbars and avoid highlighting pinbars with a too small range.

MaxATR – This parameter allows you to select the maximum atr that the range of the spark plug must have, in order to avoid highlighting pinbars with too high ranges and spikes.

DistanceHighLow – with this parameter we instruct the indicator to highlight only pinbars that have a certain number of points or pips between max and min.


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