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All-in-one indicator for Smart Money Concept : BOS, CHoCH, Order Blocks, Fair Value Gap (Imbalance), EQH/EQL and some alerts (24 !!).


You can choose from 3 differents subscription periods :

3 months                                               30€ /qtr (10.00€/month)

6 months                                    60 €  50€ (25.00€/qtr) save 16% = 1 month free !

1 year                                         120€ 90€ (22.50€/qtr) save 25% = 1 quarter free !!


We offer for free the screener “Smart Money Screener” once you have bought this product.

BE CAREFUL : If you use the Screener, DON’T BUY this Indicator, you alrealdy have it !!

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This All-In-One displays the main indicators used in the Smart Money Concept:
–  Analysis of price movements through BOS and CHoCH (ST and MT)
–  Order Blocks (ST and MT),
–  Fair Value Gaps
–  The EQH & EQL (higher/lower equal)
–  Premium, Equilibrium & Discount zones
– … and some others options (last high/low ST/MT, HH,LH,HL & LL,…).

Examples :




24 alerts are also included :
–  Trend restart after a pause (BOS),
–  Trend Change (CHoCH),
–  Wick/body in OB but close outside
–  Close in an Order Block,
–  Breakout of an Order Block,
–  Detection of a new Fair Value Gaps (ImBalance),
–  Detection of a new EQH/EQL.

NB 1 : 2 types of alerts could be display : a small sheet or with Icons
NB 2 : ST (Short Term) = 5 bars to validate Top/Bottom – MT (Middle/Long term) = 20 bars by default (you can change it).

Details of Icons :

Parameters :

ST : Show BOS & CHoCH (Enable) OR not (Disable)
ST : filter Break Out non relevants (Enable) OR not (Disable)
ST : Show Order Block (Enable) OR not (Disable)
ST : Nb Last OB shown – Nb of last ST OB shown
ST/MT : Show Lines for last H/L (Enable) OR not (Diable)
MT : Show all H/L – HH, LL, HL, LH (Enable) OR not (Disable)
MT : Show BOS & CHoCH (Enable) or not (Disable)
MT : Nb Bars to validate H/L (High/low)
MT : Show Order Block (Enable) OR not (Disable)
MT : Nb Last OB shown – Nb of last MT OB shown
Show FVG/ImBalance (Enable) OR not (Disable)
nb bars extension FVG (Imbalance) to the right
Filter FVG/Imbalance non relevant (Enable) OR not (Disable)
ImBalance extend to last bar (Enable) OR not (Disable)
Show EQH/EQL (Enable) OR not (Disable)
NB Bars mini between 2 EQ (high/low)
Show Premium & Discount + Equilibrium (Enable) OR not (Disable)
Threshold between 2 EQ = %atr : %atr difference authorised between 2 high/low to validate EQ
OB Calcul (ATR or Avg.Daily range) : control range of candles to validate OB : control with ATR (Enable), control with average daily range (Disable)
Color Order Block (1,2) : to choose colors of this indicator (2 models)
ST :  Color Candles with trend detected (Enable) OR not (Disable)
Color BOS/CHoCH/EQH/L + FVG (1,2,3,4) :  choose colors of these indicators (4 models)
Alerts : Small (Disable) or Icons (Enable)
Horizontal Icons Adjustment : Move Alert zone to the left or the right
FVG/Imbalance Mitigated (Enable) OR not (Disable)(*)
Vertical Icons Adjustment : Move up/down Alert zone
Order Blocks Mitigated (Enable) OR not (Disable)(*)
Show Order Blocks Closed (Enable) OR not (Disable)
Refine Order Blocks (Enable) OR not (Disable)(**)

Tips : if you don’t want to show alerts on the top, use Verticals Icons Adjustement with a negative value (-200/-300).

Then, in the table below, I recommend you uncheck all lines except Candle. Indeed, the others are only used for screener.

For information, the other lines (Trend MT & CT, Alert BoS CHoCH, Alert Order Block & Alert Others) are only created to be used by SMC Screener.



3 types of Alerts for Order Block :

If Order Block is above Price, the Alert is defined as Bear signal.
If Order Block is below Price, the Alert is defined as Bull signal.

Order blocks disappear after be crossed by price and considered as closed.

(*) Order Blocks & FVG Mitigated/Not Mitigated :

example with FVG :

If you enable “Imbalance Mitigated” and/or “Order Blocked Mitigated”, these FVG and/or OB disappear from chart.


(**) Order Blocks REFINED or NOT :




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