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Means that the strategy of this bot is to operate during the lateral phases of the market following the swings in the price range. Just as if a dragon is trying to “eat” the price pattern by swinging with its body and long tail. This is why we decided to call it the “dragon swing bot” and it was one of our first historical trading systems and this also inspired our name and our slogan.


This system has a very low maximum DrawDown compared to its positive performance. This also makes it good for traders who have small initial capital, it is not a coincidence that we began to invest in automatic trading with this system exactly because we too had little capital. As you will have understood: yes, we are fond of this system. (Find more info about this in the description of the figure below).







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“DRAGON SWING PATTERN” : this system has been programmed and optimized to identify this type of pattern and trade on it. To do this, it uses timely signals from the indicators and then starts trading in the price range with extreme precision as if a dragon were following him to eat it all. This type of pattern with “lateral swings”  of the price (we like to call them “dragon swings”) forms itself almost every day in the markets especially on EUR/USD cross but it can become difficult for the human eye to identify, predict and trade in it. This is why our system exists and definitively solves the problem!

RUN-UP vs DD LOW RISK PROFILE : As you can see in the figure, this bot has really small drawdowns compared to increases.  Maximum DD 324€ in during 4 years of testing with size 0.01 (1€ per point) means that this is a very good strategy. Ratio between MAX RUN-UP and MAX DD is 5,74 that is very good. It’s difficult find around the world true trading systems functional and not brutally overfitted with similar stat.




Quarterly performances

TOTAL PERFORMANCES: Initial cap. 1000€, size 0.02 (2 in EUR/USD mini) AT LEAST 90% GAIN PER YEAR!


Equity line



Additional info:

This system was devised and created in December 2020,constantly re-tested and optimized until May 2022 when it was launched live. It is very solid and strong even in the “out of sample” and “walk forward” stress tests we did, as you can see it holds up in all market conditions (calm, panic, pandemic, war, inflation, high and low volatility etc). it is also suitable for those with small capital. The exit level of the trades change for each open position (maximum SL however remains fixed at 120 just for extreme cases) the system is able to identify by itself when it is the right price and time to close the trade so we recommend  you to not change these settings if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t worry, the bot is already designed and set to work as well as possible.

f you need advice on proper Money Management that suits your needs, contact us, we are always available to help. Results are shown for an hypothetical initial capital €1000 with contract size 0,01 at €1 per point (contract size 1 on the “EURUSD mini”).  After purchasing the license for the Dragon Swing Bot you will always be assisted and we are always available for requests, info or assistance.



The trading system continues to have excellent results, we want to thank everyone for your great support. As a thank you we have released an even better and finished version of the trading system. In this version 3.0 with small and targeted changes we managed to have excellent results even using just 1 contract size and not 2 like the previous version.

We have also implemented the ability to customize the algorithm in which you can easily change the size of the contracts to put the one that best suits you (“PositionSize”) as well as the possibility of choosing the maximum Stop Loss and Take Profit, the times of the market sessions in which the bot can open new trades and the possibility of closing all ongoing trades on Friday before the weekend at the desired time(“flatDuringWeekend” =1 active, =0 deactivated).

This way you can easily try the settings that best suit you, we hope you like these changes.


27/04/2023 UPDATES

The system is doing great. Since we published it on this marketplace on July  2022 you can see that we have totaled more than $700 of real live earnings using only 2 contracts per position, the max drawdown was around $300 between October and November but it was promptly recovered within a few months and the equity remained positive, a good result in line with expectations.

In this update we have corrected some bugs in the code, making the algorithm more “fluid” to be able to carry out more precise and timely trades.

In this new version the code has only been lightened and shortened by improving the memory and fluidity but nothing has been changed in the basic algorithmic process, the execution is always the same so we can say that the strategy is certainly good and should not be changed.

Results first version  before update


Results second version after update


Monte Carlo simulation

Below we ran a “Monte Carlo” simulation of the system. For the uninitiated, the Monte Carlo is one of the most used and effective stress-tests to verify the validity of an automatic trading strategy, you can find a lot of information about it on the web and also around this ProRealCode forum.

The final results that you find in the yellow table show that the average drawdown is largely containable (average of 35% on $1000  initial equity), the ratio between earnings and drawdown “Return/DD” and the probability “Prob>0” of doing profits in one year are highly positive therefore the effectiveness of the strategy is confirmed.






  1. Tyron70 (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Tested live for three months it provided excellent results: 24 trades of which 19 were winners, with a gain/loss ratio of 5.74.
    Excellent automatic trading system.

  2. Deutsch

    perezaragondamian (Verifizierter Besitzer)


    Robustes und sicheres System, sehr empfehlenswert, einer meiner Favoriten.

  3. Deutsch

    Eduardo Tolsa (Verifizierter Besitzer)


    Es funktioniert, Drachenmuster zu finden

  4. Deutsch

    j.sheldrick (Verifizierter Besitzer)


    Großer Anbieter, gute Kommunikation half mir bei der Einrichtung, ich kann bestätigen, Bot ist auf und läuft so weit scheint zu funktionieren, in Gewinn 1 Tag in. Wird auf Abonnement tragen, wenn es für sich selbst zahlen kann.

  5. Deutsch

    didiosousa84 (Verifizierter Besitzer)


    Ausgezeichnetes System….mit großartiger Unterstützung durch den Anbieter! Sehr zu empfehlen!

  6. Deutsch

    Lorenzo Capasso (Verifizierter Besitzer)


    Endlich ein gutes System zu einem angemessenen Preis

  7. Deutsch

    yoocesar (Verifizierter Besitzer)


    Gekauft vor ein paar Wochen mit sehr guten Ergebnissen !!

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