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How the “Market Price” indicator works

The “Market Price” indicator uses the main points of the previous day’s candle(s) to determine the current day’s POI’s (points of interest). As you can see, the price levels defined by the previous days have a great influence on today’s market movement. The indicator shows you the previous day’s opening/closing levels, the previous day’s highest and lowest prices, and the “fair price”, which depends of the previous day’s direction and is calculated considering the highs and lows… more


How the “Price Level” indicator works

A adjustable indicator based on two averages – visualizes the price levels of a larger average zone defined by number of candles of your timeframe, called channel, and possible trading support and resistance prices within the channel. The Indicator shows you the change in direction of the channel and is also the price level that you should pay attention to for entry and exit positions, marked with blue dots in the screenshot… more


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