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The most accurate skewness indicator for ProRealTime!

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Advantages of using the Carnazzi Universal Oscillator :

  • Perfect balance between responsiveness and smoothness
  • Beats every open source oscillators
  • Easy to use for cycles trading and trend reversal entries
  • 0 lag and awesome smoothing
  • Exceptional price action fidelity
  • Includes a Probability Density Function (PDF) modificator
  • From a descriptive statistics point of view, the CUO is the skewness metric
  • The perfect companion of the Carnazzi Filter

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To fully understand the Carnazzi Universal Oscillator, we need to understand some simple concepts from Digital Signal Processing (DSP). On the DSP ground, the Carnazzi Filter is what we call a “lowpass filter” : it rejects high frequencies above the cut frequency. The Carnazzi Universal Oscillator is the transformation of this filter into a “highpass filter” : it rejects low frequencies under the cut frequency. These two tools are designed to work in synergy. More, the CUO is coupled with a Probability Density Function (PDF) modificator to ensure cohesion between different timescales analysis. The PDF modificator is drived by the k parameter of the filter


How to use the CUO ?

The CUO is an excellent candidate as a momentum indicator. I have found two nice ways of using the CUO :

  • Scalping style : you can emulate the Schaff Trend Cycle or the Laguerre RSI (but smoother, faster, and more accurate !) with the 14 period settings, and k = 5. Adequate for very quick operations : buy lows and sell on tops of the CUO
  • Swing style : you need 2 CUO in this case. The first one is a gentle cycle indicator with period = 20 and k = 2. The second CUO is period = 50 and k = 5 and act as a trend indicator. As CUO is extremely fast, the CUO crosses are extremely pertinent entries, especially at the top and bottom of the oscillator.


Scalping style example :

Swing style example :


I am sure that this tool will bring you the greatest satisfaction and I wish you an excellent trading.

Best regards,


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    t766766 (propietario verificado)


    ¡excelente indicador, yo uso este indicador todos los días, he comprado este indicador y Carnazzi Filer del mismo autor, ambos le dan una alerta temprana cuando el impulso de cambio de dirección Bruno es muy rápido para responder a cualquier consulta, 5 estrellas!

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