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  • Discretionary Trading tool.
  • Now includes a seperate ATR stop and risk version, ATR period can be user set.
  • A simple indicator that calculates your amount per pip and stop in pips for candle strategies and ranges. It allows better execution of trades as you don’t have to get distracted with calculation. Ideal for faster trading or simply freeing up your personal resources when trading higher timeframes.
You will get also license for each of the product(s) listed below when you purchase:
  • Amount per pip and Range with stops calculator for ATR stops

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A simple indicator that calculates your amount per pip for candle risk trades and ranges so that you don’t have to calculate. Ideal for faster trading or simply freeing up your personal resources when trading. Allows better execution and risk management  of trades when trading faster charts and you don’t get distracted by calculations when trading any timeframe.

Just set for the chart, save presets for future reference and use the amount in the trade ticket to maintian risk management.

This can speed up your entries allowing for better risk management by doing the calculation for you when using candle risks and ranges.

Simply put your spread and clearance in and your amount of risk once. Save presets for different trading time spreads.

Add to price to display on chart.

Watch the Video below for fuller explanation:



The indicator sows your amount per pip risk, stop in pips, for current candle, prior candle , and user specified range. Includes ATR stop and amounts version indicator as well.

Linespacing, horizontal placement and vertical placement is fully customiseable.


Configuration window Below:


Configuration Window for risk calculator

Configuration Window for risk calculator


Display of data on chart

Display of data on chart


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