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Own fork of the DAX vectorial M5 strategy, since 2020.  Specific adaptation for DAX. Highly improved results looking for a reduced risk and a great stability.

New profit peaks (ATH) on November’22.¬† Stability and low drawdown, for a patient and smart algo traders.¬† Don’t search the holy grail, this strategy has a little cost and can multiply the investment (the last rolling year had around 570‚ā¨ profit per contract, and a license of 179‚ā¨ yearly….to maximise profits you only need to apply a light MM and let it work with patience.


‚ėÜ‚ėܬ† ¬† Look at the live tweets for latest results:¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†‚ėÜ‚ėÜ


First version created in May 2020. Last version in June 2022. Using the same entry signals than the first version, this last version enhances the profit secure in long positions and optimise the short positions for current market conditions.

Since May 2020 we applied different filters and security controls, and after two years of tests and variations, we simply verified that entries continue being good, and “opened” more hidden or filtered trades, that in fact was working so good. Then, we have a more “delicated” version, but in fact with validated entries without the necessity of a big OutOfSample period.

—————– DATASHEET ———————————

Strategy type:   Vectorial (specialized in trend changes)

Input signals: Calculates the angle between moving averages to locate trend changes. Filters are applied to improve the inputs, as well as other mechanisms.

Stop Loss: Always. Maximum of 1.4%

Profit handling: Trailing stop by blocks based on ATR and exit with profits in case of strong trend change. Maximum target profit configured (dynamic)

General comments: Strategy specialised in trend changes. You have a good ratio of winning positions, but your goal is the highest possible win / loss ratio. Different levels of configuration (be protection, emergency exit, only-long or only-short, 24h schedule or reduced to market hours)

Others:¬†Results are shown for 1 contract at ‚ā¨ 1 per point. Only 1 position at a time. Without martingales or partial closures (MM available, but not shown in results)


We use this algo (all our algos) in real account since created. And for now, our updates enhanced the previous results.

[All results shown for 1 simple concurrent position, with 1 fixed contract and 200k, showing monthly results. What you see is what you get. Need help to understand results, risks or necessary equity? Do not hesitate to contact us]

[History and¬†change log¬†of this strategy¬†here.¬†Latest¬†results¬†here¬†. Run and check yourself complete statistics in the¬†downloadable demo for backtest.¬†You can also¬†join our¬†Discord channel¬†to see all the history, how we work, ask us something, see historical results or conversations and doubts with other customers…]

What you see is what you get:  No short periods shown, no make up the DD, no results showing quarter bars.

Our systems usually continue positive over years. The overfitting is that causes that well-looking systems and backtests fail constantly in real. We are so proud of our systems reliability, the solid behaviour and our wise and (usually) right updates to fit (not overfit!) to the market conditions.

Consider the OOS of the strategy and version.  Any result table always show Out Of Sample profits.

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The vectorial strategy is specialised in trend changes. This strategy fits DAX with a swing trading in both directions, with a reduced (but realistic!) drawdown and low time on market.

Not specially profitable strategy, but solid over time and with minimal license costs.

20221111 CFDAutoTrading ARESLR DAX V3.2 BT 200k 1

Default version. Backtest 200k. Spread 2. 1 fixed contract.


20221116 CFDAutoTrading ARESLR DAX V3.2 BT 200k stats

Same than previous (showing statistics)


20221111 CFDAutoTrading ARESLR DAX V3.2 BT 1M WithStats

Default version. Backtest max history available (1M candles). Spread 2. 1 fixed contract. With detailed statistics.


All our systems have a max 2% of Stop Loss (or less, in this case max 1.4%), a money management system and a configurable drawdown limit to protect capital in the worst of cases.  All images shows results with 1 contract configuration.


Usually the minimal configuration is 0.5 contracts.  Check allowed sizing in your broker and country account.

This algo is delivered to be used “out-of-the-box”, not recommended any change even in changing circumstances. Let us do the best for you, if the strategy have to be updated, we will do it after the corresponding study and period in real in our accounts before distribute it.

[History and¬†change log¬†of this strategy¬†here. Latest¬†results¬†here. Run and check yourself complete statistics in the¬†downloadable demo for backtest.¬†You can also¬†join our¬†Discord channelto see all the history, how we work, ask us something, see historical results or conversations and doubts with other customers…]

On next different instances and configurations launched in real, at different moments of the strategy history (showing recent weeks / months)

20221116 CFDAutoTrading ARESLR DAX V3.2 REAL

Last period in real. 0.5 contracts (min allowed). Stable and a bit profitable in a really complex period. The key is mix this period with the rest of period shown in the BT images, to give an idea of the potential. Check past results too.



ARESLR DAX RealVarios01 1 ARESLR DAX RealVarios02 1 ARESLR DAX RealVarios03 1


20220812 CFDAutoTrading DAX Systems VS DAX Index 2020 now


With this product license, we offer access to¬†all updates of this strategy and customer support during the license period.¬† You can participate in our own¬†support groups¬†and we can offer to you recommendations about configuration and reinvestment modules, system selection, drawdown and recommended equity….even portfolio suggestions and coexistence with another systems.


202210 CFDAutoTrading Results 202209 GraphALL WithHeader Custom

Take a look to our complete portfolio.  Stable and reliable systems for all kind of market circumstances.  Backtest and verify latest results by yourself using our demo:

PortfolioSistemas General 20220731 EN web


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