The product of the week uses an algorithm of auto trend detection based on artificial intelligence.The author explains that it is now possible with the programming language of ProRealTime “to help” our indicators to find the best possible parameters and for all types of instruments and timeframes!

The tests carried out with the indicator have allowed me to confirm that the indicator works as the author presents it: As soon as it is applied to the price chart, the indicator searches and finds the best parameters in an instant.
You are free to adopt them to use the next trading signals that it will send on the chart:

robotrade artificial intelligence trend trading

Indeed, you have the choice to choose if your takeprofit is tight or wide, this will ensure you a better risk/reward ratio. Depending on this choice, the AI algorithm of the indicator will tell you the best parameter to use for a particular type of takeprofit.

The indicator can be used for both short term intraday scalping and trend following on wider timeframes.

The RoboTrade indicator is available here, it has received good reviews until now:

🤖 RoboTrade, Trend Indicator Powered with Artificial Intelligence