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The “TREND By TREND” bot trading on CAC 40 is an efficient, profitable and resilient strategy. You will be able to setup it easily with few parameters, depending on your starting capital (minimum 1,000 € with 1 contract) and the risk you want to take with.

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What is the “TREND By TREND” strategy ?

This is a mid-long term strategy based on CAC 40 and timeframe 15 minutes. The purpose of this strategy is based on two points:

  • Take all the up-trend and down-trend during the CAC cash market (9:00 – 17:30). Exit all positions as per target profit during open/close cash market.
  • Minimize the loss of the capital with tigh stop loss on all positions.

Since more than 10 years on backtesting, this strategy has succeeded in catching the main trends and avoiding the market traps.

Backtest 1 : 1 contract, CAC 40 (1€/point), spread 1, no reinvest  (updated on September 30, 2022)

Initial Capital : 1 000 €v4 CAC Backtest 1


Backtest 2 : 5 contracts, CAC 40 (1€/point), spread 1, no reinvest  (updated on September 30, 2022)

Initial Capital : 5 000 €v4 CAC Backtest 2


Backtest 3 : 1 contract, CAC 40 (10€/point), spread 1, no reinvest  (updated on September 30, 2022)

Initial Capital : 10 000€v4 CAC Backtest 3


How to start ?

After installation on the ProRealTime platform, you will have to :

  • NB –> set the number of orders according to your starting capital.
  • REINVEST –> activate the option to reinvest the gains.
  • MARGIN –> Set the margin for reinvest
  • MAXCAPITALLOSS –> set the stop loss capital based on the starting capital.

The minimum capital for this strategy is 1,000 Euro for 1 contract on the CFD CAC40 1€/point.


What is the RE-INVEST option ?

The REINVEST option allows you to automatically reinvest the gains. Reinvestment only works if the gain / loss ratio is positive.

By default this option is set to NO (REINVEST = 0). To use it, you have to put 1.

A second option is available to configure the reinvestment margin. Be careful, the lower the rate, the greater the leverage effect on the reinvestment. A rate of 100% corresponds to leverage 1.

By default, the margin is set to 10%.

The formula is: (Gain-loss) / (price closing * (MARGIN / 100)) if the Gain / Loss ratio is positive.

Please note that the MARGIN option is useful only if REINVEST option is set to 1

Backtest 4 : 1 contract, CAC 40 (1€/point), spread 1, from 2018 to 2022, Margin 50%  (updated on September 30, 2022)

Initial Capital : 1 000 €v4 CAC Backtest 4 1


Backtest 5 : 3 contracts, CAC 40 (1€/point), spread 1, from 2018 to 2022, Margin 30%  (updated on September 30, 2022)

Initial Capital : 3 000 €v4 CAC Backtest 5


Backtest 6 : 1 contract, CAC 40 (10€/point), spread 1, from 2017 to 2022, Margin 200%  (updated on September 30, 2022)

Initial Capital : 10 000 €v4 CAC Backtest 6



Even if a strategy has been working for a long time, a change in the market can make it lose. To protect your capital, you have to set the capital and the maximum of capital you are ready to lose. By default, the MAXCAPITALLOSS is set to 20%.

For example, if you have a capital of 10,000€ and the maxcapitalloss is set to 20%, the strategy will stop as soon as the capital reaches 8,000€.


Technical Overview of the strategy

Long Trade : YES

Short Trade : YES

Stop Loss : YES

Timeframe : 15 Minutes

Stock Index : CFD France 40 (1€/10€)

Minimum capital : 1,000€

Entry Position : 9:00 – 17:30 (France UTC time)

Exit Position : CFD Open Market


1 review for TREND BY TREND – Bot Trading – Timeframe 15 M – CAC 40

  1. pierrejay45 (propietario verificado)

    Je ne suis pas décu jusqu’ici! le bot le plus performant que j’ai pour le moment. (actuellement 4 en prod dont 2 devs par moi)

    j’hésite a prendre celui développer pour le DAX

    Je recommande!!!

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