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Criss-Cross the NDX!
Navigate confidently through the market with SQUARED2 – NDX CR 1H. Our system provides expert guidance tailored for the intricacies of the NASDAQ index, ensuring precision in your trades and setting the stage for profitable outcomes.”.


  • Do you let your emotions take over?
  • Spending too much time in front of the screens?
  • Are you sick and tired of not being profitable?

Say goodbye to emotional decision making and hello to disciplined, data-driven trading.

Algorithmic Trading Systems from SQUARED2 removes the human factor from trading, ensuring that fear and greed never cloud your judgment. With our systems, you can trade with confidence, knowing that every decision is based on objective analysis and proven algorithms.

The Science Behind it All
So, how do we beat the markets then? Simple. We’re a team of physicists, software engineers, and data analysts dedicated to cracking the market code.

Motivated to trade smarter, not harder, we set out to create systems that cuts down on time and emotions. Our aim? To empower traders to seize market opportunities without being tied to screens for hours or falling prey to emotional decisions.

We ensure our trading system’s robustness through rigorous testing: Backtesting our systems with a 50/50 in-sample/out-of-sample split and a minimum of 6 months of live trading data, along with Monte Carlo analyses, parameter sensitivity, and more. Every aspect, from entry to exit, undergoes meticulous scrutiny.


Live Results

Live: Equity Curve

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Backtest: Equity Curve

Backtest: Dashboard

Presenting SQUARED2 – NDX CR 1H, your strategic guide for navigating profitable trends within the NASDAQ. Recognized for its proficiency in trend tracking, our system excels at seizing and leveraging directional shifts within the NASDAQ index. Its forte lies in identifying and harnessing prevailing market trends, offering indispensable assistance to elevate your portfolio’s performance.

Notably, it thrives in both bull and bear markets, showcasing its adaptability across various market conditions.


Strategy Type: Trend Stop Loss: Yes (Limit)
Market: USA 100 Cash – NDX Take Profit: Yes (Limit)
Timeframe: 1 hour Time Zone: ALL
Contract Size: ~900EUR Trade over Weekend: Yes

Recommended Equity: ~1800EUR


Whats the recommended equity for this system?
– We recommend atleast 2x the contract size of how many contract you wish to trade.

How many contracts can I trade with this system?
– How many as you like! Just remember to manage your risk.

Does it cost more if I want to trade more systems?
– Nope! The subscription price is flat.

Can I buy a lifetime license of this system?
– We can arrange that. Shoot us an email at

Do you offer free trials?
– Occasionally we do. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on InstagramTwitter/X and stay up to date!


Discover our comprehensive product description, complete with Monte Carlo results, confidence levels, and more. Navigate through our glossary and installation guide to enhance your understanding and make the most of our offerings.

DOWNLOAD: SQUARED2 – IG Installation Guide

Click the button “I want this strategy” in the window to right of this page, and be on your way to automate your trading now!

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