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Result updated to 4 Sept 2022

Real acc, Profit, low MDD

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I tested over 1000+ system, some is loss and some is profit, and I will select the profitable system to you. And the selected system, I monitored over 6 months to 2 years. Some system is very nice in the backtest, but in live, it will be horrible.

The MDD is only $107 per 1 contract; The actual result started from 3 contracts and with reinvestment; Total profit of 3 versions were $1,101.

Actual result from Jan 2022 to Jul 2022. The latest version was modified in May 2022.

The product has trial version with 1 week.


General information

Product name: Real Acc_Swing_SP500_15M

Instruments: US500 (GBP1)

Duration: Over night and over weekend

Strategy type: Swing

Timeframe: 15 Min, UTC+2 Berlin

 Reinvestment function: The algo included reinvestment option, you can select fixed contract size or reinvestment factor

Stop loss: 1.5%

Target profit: L1.6 ; S2.8%

With trailing stop function

Spread: 0.6


Actual result (you can also refer to the photo)

Net profit: $1880 (version 6) ; 27/5/2022 – 4/9/2022 <————————— latest result

Total profit: $2,198 ; 21/1/2022-4/9/2022

Result SP500 20220904 1


Live account period: 21 Jan 2022 to 27 Jul 2022 (contained 3 versions)

Net profit: $783 (version 6) ; 27/5/2022 – 26/7/2022

Net profit: $182 (version 5) ;7/4/2022 – 26/5/2022

Net profit: $136 (version 4) ;21/1/2022 – 7/4/2022

Total profit: $1,101

MDD: $102 per 1 contract

Contract size: all are started from 3 contracts and with reinvestment

Actual result1
Actual1 result1
Actual1 result2Actual1 result3Actual1 result4Actual3 result1Actual2 result1





Backtest result (no reinvestment) (1 year result only in line with the 1 year license) (for reference only)

1yr nore result11yr nore result21yr nore result3


Backtest result (no reinvestment) (100K result)

100K result5100K result1100K result2

100K result4100K result3


Backtest result vs Actual result (same period and same contract size)

Actual vs BT

The backtest result is similar to the actual result ($789 vs $783), it is very efficiency.


Backtest result (reinvestment) (1 year result only in line with the 1 year license) (for reference only)

Start from 3 contract

Reinvestment factor: 1.7

Net profit = $1.163K

1yr rein result11yr rein result21yr rein result3

(Please don’t over optimisate the reinvestment factor, the detail explanation will be included in the code)


If you have any question, please let me know.

Informazioni aggiuntive


"6 months", "1 year", "3 months"


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