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PLUG-IN-BABY is a multimarket and customizable system specialised in breakouts and rebounds.

Works in a 30 minute timeframe and currently fits for multiple INDEX (FX and stocks under review).

While our traditional strategies usually look for consolidated trends, this is a a good complement that look for rebounds and breakouts, increasing the portfolio robustness in complicated scenarios.   The strategy has intended to be profitable in all cases, and extremely powerful in chopped scenarios at the same time.

☆☆    Look at the live tweets for latest results:  https://bit.ly/cfdautoSMT-PlugInBaby     ☆☆


Customizable and collaborative

You can run any of the purposed configurations (currently with 32 configurations for 13 markets / index; showing the optimisation date and the Out Of Sample period results)…or you can customize your own configurations too (optimizing the predefined parameters and giving support in our specific Discord channel).  Take advantage of the configurations purposed by other users and with mechanisms to track the results), and contribute with your own.    You can run multiple configs on multiple markets at the same time.


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How the system works

The system looks for entries in a rebound or breakout scenarios and establish an order at a specific entry price and establish a price range for SL/TP (by default the goal is 2:1).  Is conceived as a ‘waiting hunter‘ that complements other strategies.

Depending the configuration, it changes the volatility ranges allowed (providing less, but powerful entries or more entries), the SL and TP ranges (specially for risk management) and the kind of trailing stop and/or breakeven protection (for an extra control of position handling and market / period fit)

Currently fitted for a 30 minute timeframe (providing a wide sample period) and over different INDEX (other TS and FX or stocks are under study).   Then, all Out of Sample periods validated in real was over INDEX and TF 30 min.


How to use it

– Choose between the already existent >32 total configs (13 of them are our preferred configs working in real) and directly launch it with an easy 1-step configuration (change 1 variable)

– Let our system provide the best entries for rebounds and customize your own risk and position handling of your preferences (changing the volatility ranges allowed, the SL and TP ranges, the kind of trailing stop and/or breakeven protection).   You can use all the current configurations as a base for your own new configs.  You can optimize the system on your way.


What to expect?

This system is conceived to launch positions ONLY in rebounds and ONLY LONG, then probably will not launch any new position in consolidated trends (this is not a trend following system).  In addition, it can launch a different number of operations depending the configuration and market conditions (some options / configs make to have more or less activity, depending the goals of the configuration and the market conditions).

There can be weeks without launch any positions.  This system has to be a complementary system, launched in different markets, and acting like a ‘waiting hunter’ expecting his opportunity.   In fact, if you configure it to launch too many frequent positions, probably you will overfit the system only for uptrends; and that’s not the idea.

This system is prepared to have a low time in market, and it’s usual to have a low win/loss ratio, but with bigger profits in won positions and tight SLs, the strategy is profitable over time without a well-looking ratios.  With a good risk management (do not stress the equity with high number of contracts), and with an increasing MM, this strategy fits perfect to leave it run patiently in background.


What it includes?

The system itself, fully integrated with ProRealtime here in this marketplace

Access to the spreadsheet with the purposed configurations (currently with 32 configurations for 13 markets / index; showing the optimisation date and the Out Of Sample period results)

Access to the support & help groups in Discord (we will increase the documentation according the questions received)


☆☆    Look at the live tweets for latest results:  https://bit.ly/cfdautoSMT-PlugInBaby     ☆☆

Sample instances launched in real

PIB real FRANCE 01 PIB real IBEX 01 PIB real DOW 02 PIB real NIKKEI 01 PIB real DOW 01 PIB real SUDAFRICA 01

Our selection of best configurations (always shown 1 contract and the minimum level of MM). Check the sizing and currency in each case (fully configurable when you launch it)

PIB 20220106 P08

P08 for DAX (Germany)

PIB 20220106 P15

P15 for DOW JONES (US)

PIB 20220106 P17

P17 for FTSE (UK)

PIB 20220106 P18

P18 for IBEX (Spain)

PIB 20220106 P20

P20 for IBEX (Spain)

PIB 20220106 P22

P22 for CAC (France)

PIB 20220106 P24

P24 for FTSE (UK)

PIB 20220106 P25

P25 for NIFTY (India)

PIB 20220106 P27

P27 for SAF (SouthAfrica)

PIB 20220106 P28

P28 for SMI (Swiss)

PIB 20220106 P29

P29 for DAX (Germany)

PIB 20220106 P30

P30 for DOW JONES (US)

PIB 20220106 P31

P31 for SAF (SouthAfrica)

PIB 20220106 P32

P32 for NIFTY (India)

Details and samples about configurations

Interested in how to configure and optimize it?  Take a look at the code itself and available variables

PIB configInCode

How to use a default pre-configured version?  Just change the “useProposedSettings” with the configuration number

PIB usePurposedConfig

How to optimize yourself?  Just leave offsets and “useProposedSettings” properties at 0 and change values and walk forward at your criteria.

PIB defaultConfig


With this product license, we offer access to all updates of this strategy and customer support during the license period.  You can participate in our own support groups and we can offer to you recommendations about configuration and reinvestment modules, system selection, drawdown and recommended equity….even portfolio suggestions and coexistence with another systems.


202207 CFDAutoTrading Results 202207 GraphALL NoBorder Portrait


Take a look to our complete portfolio.  Stable and reliable systems for all kind of market circumstances.  Backtest and verify latest results by yourself using our demo:  https://cfdautotrading.com/demo

PortfolioSistemas General 20220731 EN web


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