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Spike strategy indicator by OG Trading

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OG Spike Genius Indicator

The Trading Club by OG is proud to present OG Spike Genius, the first trading indicator that provides real-time indications. This powerful tool has been developed by OG’s team of experts following the Spike strategy devised by Marco and Matteo after years of experience in the markets with the world’s biggest retail traders.

It is designed to give you accurate and timely trading indications to help you make better and more informed decisions.

You will be able to identify opportunities to enter and exit the market as they occur and use them to your advantage.

You will no longer have to worry about thinking about the spike, take profit and stop loss. Your only task will be to contextualise the market, which we will do together in the operational Trading Rooms.

Here are the benefits of the OG Spike Genius indicator and why it will make a difference in the way you trade the market:

  1. Real-time indications of spike formation: you can no longer make mistakes, the indicator will only show you spikes that form correctly. This way you are always 100% sure that the spike technique is correctly executed.
  2. Always stay in Trend: Spike Genius will show you both trend and counter-trend spikes, with the difference that trend spikes will be displayed in the colour of the current trend, while counter-trend spikes will be displayed in a neutral colour. You will always be in market trend and will never go against it.
  3. Precise Risk/Reward Indication: The real strength of Spike Genius is that, in addition to showing you the correct Spike Technique formation, it will indicate where to place the Stop Loss and Take Profit for the best Risk/Reward ratio. You no longer have to worry about doing the calculations, Spike Genius will show you exactly where to enter and exit positions.



From the properties window (Fig. 1), the following indicator parameters can be set.

Name Default Description
ArrowDistance 15 Distance, in pips, of the arrow icon drawn, from the close of the previous candle.
ShowCounterTrend No Show icons of possible spike techniques that can be activated in counter-trend.
ShowStoplossPoint Yes Show a red segment representing the suggested stop loss level.
ShowTakeProfitPoint Yes Show two green segments representing suggested take-profit levels. The first one with R/R 1:2, the second one with R/R 1:3.
ShowOrderPoint Yes Show a grey segment representing suggested place order level.
ShowInfoBox Yes Show a table with the levels and size information.
MaxSupertrendDistancePips 0 Distance, in pips, from the supertrend, above which no spikes are notified. If set to ‘0’ it will display all spikes.
MaxStoplossEuro 10 Maximum value, in euro, of the stoploss, used in the calculation of the appropriate size.
CapitalEuro 2000 Value, in euro, of the capital available to cover the initial margin requirement.
Leverage 20 Asset leverage in which the indicator is used.
SpreadPips 1 Value of the spread, in pips, in which the indicator is used.


The indicator returns two sets of values, of binary type (0 or 1), which are only useful for use via the PRT alarm system (see chapter “Alarms”). It is therefore recommended to disable the drawing of these series in the graph, via the properties window (Fig. 1), in order to avoid any inappropriate proportioning of the graph’s automatic scale.

Name Description
Trend Alarm Return 1 on the occurrence of a possible spike technique in trend or in a box.
Counter-trend Alarm Returns 1 on the occurrence of a possible spike technique against trend, if the “ShowCounterTrend” option is checked.

Fig. 1 – Properties window


These are the possible icons that the indicator can draw in the chart.

Info Box

If the “ShowInfoBox” parameter is active and if the parameters useful for calculating the size are correctly set, the indicator will display a table, in the bottom right corner, in which some information concerning the notified or activated spike will be displayed, as shown in the following example (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 – Info box

SL, TP1 and TP2
Displays the price, the number of pips and the amount in Euro, of the suggested Stoploss, Take Profit 1 and Take Profit 2 levels.

Order price
It is the order entry price.

Direction and size
Displays the direction (SHORT or LONG) and the Size calculated to fit your money management. The Size box assumes the colour of the spike icon, e.g. yellow when notified, green if going long or red if going short.

Size level bar
The bar represents the level of the calculated size, within the available range, between minimum and maximum size. The minimum size is the minimum size value that can be used to open a position. The maximum size is the maximum size value that can be used, considering the entire capital set as initial margin to open the position. The intermediate value that is drawn, between minimum and maximum, represents an indicative threshold if you do not want to exceed 50% of your capital as initial margin. If the bar exceeds the maximum size level, it will be coloured red.


The indicator returns two sets of values, ‘Alarm Trend’ and ‘Counter-alarm Trend’. They can be 1 or 0, in case there is a possible spike technique to be notified or not. In order to be notified, however, an alarm must be set via the PRT interface, as in the example below (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 – New alarm window


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