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DAX  5M V1.0

The algorithm trades on the DAX40 market with a 5-minute timeframe, focusing on moving averages and angles to identify trends. It uses two exponential moving averages (EMA) to calculate slopes for trend direction.


A positive angle indicates an upward trend, while a negative angle suggests a downward trend. For sell signals, it looks for significantly negative angles, confirmed by the slope of a longer-period EMA crossing below a trigger line.


The algorithm can operates in two modes:


Fast Mode: Uses a quicker trailing stop-loss, allowing for larger risk but potentially higher returns. The stop moves quickly to lock in profits in volatile conditions.


Slow Mode: Employs a slower trailing stop-loss, involving lower risk and allowing for more market fluctuations. It moves gradually, providing a buffer against minor movements and reducing premature exits.


This dual-mode approach enables flexible risk management, adapting to various market conditions and trader preferences, ensuring alignment with market trends and optimizing trading outcomes.

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Trendfollowing strategy working on the 5 minute timeframe on dax40. As this is a trendfollowing strategy you will not see hitting the perfect bottom or the perfect top, but you will see a high winrate and trades taking profits following big movements within the current trend. Use indicators such as RSI, EMA and Avarage True trend.


3 reviews for NORDICALGOS – DAX 5M

  1. laurentlegeay (verified owner)

    I am close to stopping this robot… it has been running for 4 months non-stop and the results are quite stressful. The average losses are higher than the average gains, the stop losses are very low and the robot does not cut in the event of a rapid fall so we will quite easily hit very large SLs… for 4 months, I have climbed to + 2400 € and down to 700€ potentially, on the next trade, I would have lost money… The robot works without take profit so it is always a lifted SL that is affected which generates big losses and mediocre gains … An update to secure gains and limit losses would be welcome.

  2. English

    Fr.masq (verified owner)


    Very good algo, stands out well from difficulties. Good loss control, doesn’t seem to optimize too much. The market will decide its behavior.

  3. English

    maik_maecklenburg (verified owner)


    Very good trading system. I hope there are also updates.

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