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This strategy looks on a weekly basis if the market is on a rise by using the Gann HiLo indicator. If the levels are below the Gann HiLo line no position will be opened. This means there are phases like this year between March and July with no trade.

Strategy is dynamic; it means that depending on the strategy profit the position size is increased or decreased with a starting position size of 1.

Timeframe: 1 hour for trades, Weekly for trend finding

TP/SL: 600/200

Trading Hours: 17:00-20:00 CEST

Trading Days: Mo,Tue,Wed,Fr – no trades on Thursdays


This strategy only works for Wall Street Kassa (1€) (2$)


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The Backtest results are impressive:

As Einstein once said

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.

To change the position size from dynamic to static you can set directly the desired Position size in row 87 to the desired value.

e.g. Setting “PosSize = 1” in row 87. The strategy will only open 1 Contract at the market (current margin would be around 1700 €) Like shown in the example below:

With static position sizing the strategy is still profitable throughout the years and closes the years with profit.

Strategy is live in this version since 04.09.2022 – Realtime results as of 29.11.2022

There haven’t been many trades during the time period. The market was in a bearish mode and this strategy is not opening positions when the market is not bullish.

Realtime results as of 04.01.2023

Realtime results as of 01.02.2023

Realtime results as of 01.03.2023


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